FLEXI No Edge Blending Tape USA debut!


World-wide patents are pending!

Great news for our TAPESMART family across the pond 🇺🇸! From the 27th August you can get your hands on our FLEXI NO EDGE BLENDING TAPE! There’s a real edge to ‘FLEXI’ – but not on your paintwork! FLEXI gives you a great curve around any shape, masking your swage lines and panel edges – it’s the softest, perfect finish. And it’s ready to give you the best paint-job going.

Save yourselves a whole lot of reworking, and say goodbye to hard paint edges.

Here’s the benefits:

  • Seamless blending – from old to new paintwork
  • Great for bumper edges, wheel arches, roof panel lines & bridging screen gaskets and rubbers
  • No more hard edges
  • You only need one-size, for any paint-job
  • No mess, it’s absorbent and comes in a multi-dispensable box

Join the TAPESMART team – try a carton now and see your hard edges disappear – it’s FLEXI NO EDGE BLENDING TAPE from JTAPE – TAPESMART.


Q. Does it work in the filler cap?
A. Yes, it works well on the majority of vehicles.

Q. Will it leave residue on removal?
A. No, providing you carefully stretch it to remove.

Q. Do you have to attach it down with masking tape
A. This isn’t necessary providing you attach it to the bodywork using the correct pressure and without stretching it.

Q. Do you have to remove it before a bake cycle?
A. Ideally yes where possible

Q. Will it adhere to masking tape?
A. It will adhere to bodywork much more effectively

You can find more information on the FLEXI product page including tutorials and product information sheets!

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