How to paint a car using Fine Line Masking Tape

Car Painting

When you wish to transform a car with a two-tone or multi-coloured finish, the JTape range of fine line masking tapes is an essential part of the painter’s armoury.

It’s all about the edge. That’s why choosing the right fine line masking tape and using it correctly is so important. Wherever two colours meet, a clean, sharp, ultra-defined line is vital, and that’s what JTape’s specialist fine line tape is designed to deliver.

The good news is…using our fine line masking tape is remarkably straightforward.

Start by making sure the area to be taped is completely clean. Dirt or grease are likely to compromise the adhesion of the tape, resulting in a less than perfect edge and finish.

Now decide on the length of tape you need to do the job, and cut a strip to the desired length off the roll.

Apply the tape carefully, using even pressure to make sure there are no air bubbles. Be especially careful to press down if there are any intersections where two lengths of tape cross. Now you’re ready to start painting.

Once the paint is dry, simply peel off the tape. JTape fine line tapes are designed to come away easily and leave no residue behind.

All done. Time to drive off into the sunset and let the world see your superb new paintjob.

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