Saving time and money with masking films

What is Masking Film?

Masking film is designed for jobs where masking tape and paper will not work, for this job you need something which can cover a larger area. Films are useful when you want to paint or spray paint a large surface without having any unwanted overspray. It’s designed to be form-fitting and comes in long rolls of varying widths and lengths.

In our latest post we look at the advantages of masking films and also some helpful hints and tips when using them.

Advantages of masking films over traditional masking methods

For many traditionalists, tape and paper are the preferred method of masking a paint job whether it is respraying a car, customising and detailing or painting uPVC widows but masking films have many advantages that many don’t consider.

These include:

  • Large areas can be covered quickly and easily compared to traditional processes which saves time and money when preparing a job.
  • Masking plastics and films can be used both indoors and outdoors which makes it especially useful for window resprayers
  • Because the masking film is thin and flexible it can be used to mask around tight turns and odd shapes
  • Pre-folded versions make masking less difficult by preventing any potential issues with the film getting snagged
  • Some masking films are electrostatically charged so they stick to a surface without adhesive and can be easily removed without leaving an adhesive residue

When to use masking film

Most masking films are supplied on a roll either to a single size or pre-folded making it easy to use so that it can be applied to the required surface using either a hand masker (containing the film and tape) or manually. It is best to use masking film where large areas need to be covered quickly to protect them from overspray.

Over the past 18 years the team at JTAPE have seen our masking films used in a variety of situations including:

  • Automotive respraying
  • Aeroplane livery spraying
  • uPVC Window spraying
  • Protecting interior surfaces by painters and decorators
  • Protecting fine detailing from overspray

An added advantage of some films is that the electrostatic charge attracts dust particles helping to reduce clean up time after sanding, so many of our customers use the film to keep their work environments as clean as possible.


Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips for next time you use a masking film as an alternative to tape and paper.



Preparation can be one of the most time-consuming parts of a painting job, but it’s hugely important. Ensure you cover all areas which you do not want to be covered in paint, then tape this all down with a good quality masking tape to keep it in place.


Choose the right size

Using the wrong size masking film can result in lots of wasted film which can increase your costs. Excess needs to be taped up or cut away but ensure that you keep the off cuts so that they can be used for patching if required.


Use an applicator or hand masker

Many films are supplied on a roll that can be attached to a hand masker. This ensures that only the film needed is used and masking tape can be applied at the same time.


Check for damage

We recommend that you check for damage to the film every so often. If you find a small tear use the offcuts to patch the hole and make sure that overspray is not getting through.

Masking from JTAPE

At JTAPE we supply a complete range of masking films depending on your requirements. These include:

Premium Clear Masking Film

Perfect for quickly covering all areas of a vehicle/room, the corona treated plastic allows it to hold mist and overspray during the spraying process. It comes in its own dispensing box and the rolls are available in 4m, 5m and 6m widths.

Breathable Masking Film

Designed for the automotive industry, this film is moisture absorbent and is ideal for masking damp cars to reduce ghost markings after the bake cycle. The film is generally used in spray booths.

Seal Wrap

Seal wrap protects broken windows from the elements and can have interior/exterior applications. Used extensively by accident repair specialists it is highly flexible, leaves no adhesive residue and comes in 300mm, 600mm and 900mm widths.

Non-Slip Surface Protection Film

Manufactured to prevent any surface from paint contamination including floors, spray booth floors, tables, stainless steel table tops it is easy to clean and use. A perfect solution for spray painters, painters and decorators and anyone who needs to protect a surface from paint.

Pre-folded Masking Film

Brand new to the JTAPE collection, this film can be used with an applicator and is available in sizes of 0.5m x 50m and 1m x 50m.


If you would like to find out more about the JTAPE range of masking films or any other of our specialist masking and tape products please complete the contact form or call +441625 618185 to talk to a member of the team.

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