What is Automotive Paint Control Tape?

Instantly recognisable by its distinctive black and white check pattern, paint control tape is a new type of specialist masking tape. It has been created by JTAPE for automotive painters to use when the priority is precise control of paint thickness and coverage.

This exceptional degree of control enables professionals to express their talent and create a stunning finish, while also saving on materials, working quickly and keeping the whole process efficient.

The checked pattern makes the tape instantly recognisable and highly visible during spray painting. That’s another way the tape can help to make speed and precision much easier to achieve.

This premium printed masking tape can be used with both solvent and water-based paints. It is made from high quality printed 80°C automotive grade crepe paper and provides strong adhesion to all surfaces. Above all, it makes for easy removal with no need to clear away residue afterwards.

Paint Control Tape

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