Mounting Tapes

Mounting tapes are excellent for joining two surfaces together or – as the name suggests – for mounting an item onto another surface like a wall or body panel. At JTAPE, we’ve manufactured a resilient range of Double-Sided Mounting Tapes complete with a layer of adhesive on both sides and a detachable release layer covering one side to prevent it from sticking to itself.

Whether you’re mounting emblems, decals or mirror fixing, our mounting tapes are perfect for the job and will ensure your items remain in place over longer periods.

Our Top Picks

Double Sided Mounting Tape

From: £5.49

Double Sided Mounting Tape has a high-tack adhesive with excellent ageing and weather-resistant properties, ideal for fixing decals, mouldings, mirror fixings and number plates.

Clear Logo Tape


Clear Logo Tape is designed specifically for re-fixing logos/decals/badges from all types of vehicles. When the tape is applied, the pressure-sensitive adhesive self-cuts, only sticking to the badge.

Grey Double Sided Acrylic Tape

From: £2.40

Double Sided Acrylic Tape is a premium, reinforced acrylic 1.1mm closed-cell foam tape with a high-tack and utilises a high strength performance acrylic adhesive and is ideal for internal and external fixings.

At JTAPE we have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing high-quality tapes for a range of industries, including automotive sector. Using our experience, we’ve designed all types of tapes suited for a variety of applications, with just one of these being mounting tapes.

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Mounting Tapes Frequently Asked Questions

Although mounting tape is high-tack and can be trusted to hold items in place or join two surfaces without moving, it can still be removed with little effort. The best way to remove it is to carefully liberate one edge using a sharp object, such as a razor or knife before pulling the tape slowly at an angle. Using this method should leave your surfaces free from any adhesive residue.


A high-quality mounting tape can be trusted not to damage any surface it is used on, whether that be a wall or a car’s surface. As long as the correct removal process is followed, your mounting tape shouldn’t leave any residue or pull any paint off the walls.

The amount of weight your mounting tape can hold will depend on what type of mounting tape you choose. For example, our Acrylic Reinforced Double Sided Mounting Tape will be able to mount heavier items than our standard double sided mounting tape.

Mounting tape is fast drying, and the bond strength will increase as the adhesive spreads onto the surfaces they’re attached to. It usually takes around 72 hours for the mounting tape to be fully set.

The high-tack surface on both sides of our mounting tapes is very sticky, which should mean that you can easily adhere them to any surface.

Dissolving mounting tape can be tricky since it’s designed to be persistent in most conditions. Using heat or hot water often won’t work – the only way to remove it is to be gentle and patient, and pull at the adhesive slowly.

Mounting tapes are usually highly resistant to most elements, including water. Therefore, your mounted items shouldn’t move if they come into contact with any water, whether it be rain, snow, or condensation.