Clear Logo Tape

Clear Logo Tape


JTAPE Clear Logo Tape is purposely designed for recovering logos and emblems from all types of vehicles – reducing costs and speeding up the reclaim process. Clear Logo Tape is also ideal for positioning parts before final fixing or for fixing decorative and promotional items.

10 Sheets per Sleeve.

Product Options

2210.5030 50mm X 0.3m

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Where / How to use:
  1. Heat selected decal with heat gun
  2. Remove decal with braided line
  3. For individual characters, use low tack tape to keep in position
  4. Ensure existing foam backing remains on badge reverse
  5. Clean excess residue from panel
  6. Apply letters onto adhesive tape
  7. Firmly apply pressure to ensure adhesive transfer
  8. Remove decal from tape and carefully re-position
  9. Remove masking tape from decal where used on individual characters

  • Reclaim badges, logos and decals
  • No need for expensive replacements
  • Premium self-cutting adhesive
  • Time saving and simple to use