Foam Masking Tapes

Thanks to our 20 years of experience and expertise in manufacturing and distributing masking tapes, we’ve been able to design a premium range of foam masking tapes fit for a variety of purposes. Created to prevent overspray from getting inside the vehicle, foam masking tape is typically used in car apertures such as doors, bonnets and boots. This type of tape is ideal for creating that feathered edge with a professional finish. We understand that each job will have specialist tape requirements, which is why our selection includes excellent single-sided foam tapes, perfect for use within the automotive industry.




Primeshield is the smart solution for masking gaps that require priming. Applied in seconds it prevents overspray getting inside a vehicle and provides a soft feathered finish.

Advanced Foam Masking Tape


Advanced Foam Masking Tape is designed to mask all apertures, including the difficult to mask A Post, to prevent overspray, providing a high quality finish while saving time and money.

Prime & Paint Foam Masking Tape


Prime & Paint Foam Masking Tape is the perfect solution for, sealing, light priming, colour application and clear coat finish. It’s unique construction supports a three stage spraying processes with only one masking application.

From priming to spray painting, our British-made foam masking solutions are perfect for handling most paint and preparation jobs in a huge variety of industries, including the automotive sector.

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Foam masking tape typically consists of an adhesive with a foam strip. They’re often easy to adjust if needs be, and suitable for panel apertures.

Foam masking tapes are typically used to mask door apertures, preventing overspray into the jambs of doors, boots and bonnets. This helps to eliminate hard paint lines at the aperture.

As there is no backing on any of our foam tapes, you can simply begin applying it inside the aperture. For example, when masking off the inside of the door or the jambs, you should open these and begin to apply the tape to either the body or the inside of the moving part, dependent on which foam tape you’re using. The door can be closed once you’ve pressed the adhesive down firmly. It’s also important to check that the foam is visible before painting to ensure that the surface is well-protected.

Foam masking tapes are most often used in car apertures. This includes the door jambs and seals, bonnet seals, and boot seals. Foam masking tapes can also be applied to A, B and C- post gaps to prevent paint from making contact in these areas.

Although our foam tapes are strong and won’t move during the painting and priming process, they are typically medium-tack. For high-tack tape solutions, see our mounting tapes or masking tapes.

Many of our foam tapes are temperature resistant up to around 90°C/194°F and can be used in most low-bake ovens without an issue. However, foam masking tapes shouldn’t be used in high-bake ovens because they weren’t designed for this purpose.

Many of our JTAPE foam tapes can simply be removed by stretching and pulling them away from the surface they’re attached to. Start at one end of the foam tape piece and pull it away at a slight angle to get a clean removal with no leftover residue on the car.