Automotive & Collision Repair: Masking Tapes & Films

Experience professional quality and performance from each of our expertly designed and crafted automotive masking tapes, specifically created for use in body shops, garages and paint shops. Whether they’re used for respraying bodywork, collision repairs, SMART repair jobs and everything in between, these specialist masking solutions are intended to provide a professional finish every time.

JTAPE is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the automotive masking sector with a growing range of high-quality automotive masking tapes suitable for tackling various jobs in the industry. Our specialist masking solutions are designed to adhere to complex curves, flat surfaces, hard-to-reach areas of vehicles and different materials while preventing paint bleed. Additionally, all our tapes are easy to apply and can be removed without leaving behind adhesive residue, providing you with a clean and fuss-free finish for each customer.

For specialist tapes and films that give a precision finish and can cover any area of any size, look no further. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of tape properties and features that are proven to boost efficiency in the automotive and collision repair sectors. From temperature-resistant tapes perfect for use during high heat drying cycles to rigid and flexible adhesive bases depending on the needs of the job, we’ve got it all covered.

Key Uses of Automotive Masking Products

Our automotive masking tapes are a game-changer when it comes to respray work. The JTAPE product range makes it more straightforward than ever to achieve a perfect finish that customers will be pleased with once the keys to their refinished, resprayed or repaired vehicle have been handed over.

Thanks to our collection of automotive masking products, issues caused by overspray can become a worry of the past. Instead, you can create seamlessly blended edges that make it impossible to tell the difference between old and new paintwork, cover large areas like windows and tyres during the respraying process and more. The selection of masking products available from JTAPE gives you everything you need to keep retouching and cleaning at the end of a job to a minimum.

Body shop professionals use our high-quality tapes to elevate their work, whether it’s a custom paint job or collision repairs, and you can choose from a range of colours to ensure that the tapes offer high levels of visibility to make your job easier from start to finish.

Automotive Masking: Our Top Picks

Purple Translucent Fine Line Masking Tape

From: £4.49

Purple Translucent Fine Line Masking Tape features a newly formulated translucent backing which makes it ideal for seeing through to the painted surface, it is highly flexible and conformable making it ideal for following contours and tight curves, and can be cleanly removed after painting to leave a defined line with no adhesive residue.

Get Help Choosing the Right Masking Solution

We prioritise providing exceptional solutions that offer the best possible results here at JTAPE. But we also understand that it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the choices available, which is why we’re dedicated to helping professionals make informed decisions on which masking solutions are best suited to the issues being faced.

A, B and C-post gaps can be some of the trickiest areas of a vehicle to mask off due to their curved surfaces and complex shapes. But thanks to the unique properties of our Advanced Foam Masking Tape, masking car apertures can be made simple. The offset adhesive prevents paint and clear coat contact which provides a feathered finish rather than built-up hard edges. Our masking solutions also apply to the inner side of the door rather than the car body, allowing for a clean paint application.

Working around body lines or spot repairs and paintwork, it can be tricky to blend old into new without the right automotive tape. The JTAPE range of Blending Tapes can provide a smart solution for these issues and offers the right amount of flexibility to mask off small repairs and body lines. The main advantage of using these tapes for this purpose is the blended edge finish which creates a high-quality finish with ease.

Rubber seals found around car boots, windows, doors and bonnets must be protected when work is being carried out on adjacent surfaces. For high-quality rubber seal protection that doesn’t waste time or materials and keeps the vehicle sufficiently watertight and weatherproof, our Duo Masking Tape is ideal. The offset adhesive and perforated sections make for easy application, while the easy lifting tab simplifies the removal process.

Achieving sharp, crisp edges in striping and lettering doesn’t mean your paint technicians and specialists need to have steady hands – instead, they can rely on our selection of Fine Line Tapes to get the job done. Our range contains different tape widths suitable for a variety of striping and lettering jobs. We also offer varying heat and temperature-resistant Fine Line Tapes to choose from depending on the baking and curing processes used in your painting booth.

Whether you’re attaching number plates or fixing emblems and badges, the tape used for the job needs to be strong and durable for all weather conditions. We’ve developed our selection of Mounting Tapes with this in mind to give professionals peace of mind that fixtures will remain in place over long periods. From our Grey Double Sided Acrylic Tape designed to hold internal and external fixings to Number Plate Pads specially manufactured to hold number plates in place in all weather conditions, we’ve got all your mounting needs covered within our product range.

Covering and protecting larger surfaces requires robust, tear-resistant solutions that you can be confident in. Our selection of Masking Films includes high quality materials with a range of different features and properties to protect surfaces typically found in a body shop. From Corona-treated films able to hold mist and spray to breathable film with moisture-absorbent properties perfect for reducing ghost marking when masking over damp surfaces, our JTAPE Masking Films allow you to cover large surfaces with no extra thought needed.

Paint Supplier and OEM Partnerships

We believe that paint supplier and OEM partnerships are an important part of being able to produce masking supplies best suited to the needs of those within the automotive sector. Because of this, we at JTAPE have spent over two decades forming and maintaining strong bonds with all major UK paint suppliers.

Our partnerships have been instrumental in facilitating the distribution of our products to reach leading OEMs like Aston Martin, McLaren, Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls-Royce, both directly and through an ever-expanding distribution network. From this, we gain a better understanding of body shop needs and how the industry is changing so we can keep developing our products as needed.

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