Automotive Masking Tapes


Automotive Masking Tapes are specially made for use in body shops, garages, and paint shops to provide a professional painting finish every time.

JTAPE manufacture and supply a range of high-quality automotive masking tapes that adhere to complex curved surfaces and different materials while preventing paint bleed and being easy to remove without leaving a residue after use.

Our range of masking products for automotive use includes specialist tapes for precision finishes and larger sheets of masking films that allow you to protect larger areas during respray work.  We also offer tapes which are temperature resistant for use during high heat drying cycles.


Key Uses of Automotive Masking Tape

Our automotive masking tapes are perfect for use during respray work and we offer a range of products that make getting a perfect finish for customers straightforward.  The selection of masking products available from JTAPE gives you everything you need whether you need a fine line tape for intricate work or need to protect large areas from overspray during a bigger job.

Professionals use our tapes for a variety of purposes including custom paint jobs, and you can choose from a range of colours to ensure that the tapes offer high levels of visibility to make your job easier from start to finish.


Get Help Choosing the Right Masking Tape

At JTAPE we have a comprehensive range of masking products available, and our team are here to provide you with advice and support when choosing products.  We can help you find the right tape for your needs.

Prime Shield

A smart solution for masking gaps that require priming. Applied in seconds it prevents overspray getting inside a vehicle and provides a soft feathered finish.

Duo Masking Tape

Designed for protecting rubber seals around doors when painting, duo masking tape is also suited to other general purposes and will adhere to many different surfaces without leaving a residue.

No Edge Blending Tape

No-edge blending tape is an excellent choice when you want to create a seamless finish between new and old paintwork or create swage lines and get an optimum finish on panel edges.

Advanced Foam Masking Tape

Designed to mask all apertures, including the difficult to mask A Post, to prevent overspray, meaning a high quality finish while saving time and money.


Find Out More

Contact us today to find out more about our range of automotive masking tapes.  You can download a brochure, find your local distributor, or buy from our online store.