8 Things to Consider When Choosing Automotive Tape

Whether you’re painting or refinishing a vehicle – having access to all the right tools and equipment for the task at hand is essential. In particular, the automotive tape you choose must be right for the job.

So, how can you ensure your automotive tape is serving its purpose and will leave you with the highest standard finish?

There are a few key considerations to think about when choosing your tape From its purpose down to the materials at play – no two jobs will have the same requirements. Below, we’ll go through everything body shop professionals should consider when deciding which automotive tape is right for the job.

Automotive Tape Types

There are a huge variety of automotive tapes available to choose from.

Whether you require our Fine Line Masking Tape to help you achieve an ultra-defined, clean line when painting or Advanced Foam Masking Tape to prevent paint from reaching places it shouldn’t – it can be hard to know which ones are necessary for different body shop and auto repair jobs.

We offer a wide selection of tape and masking solutions at JTAPE, including Foam Masking Tapes, Fine Line Masking Tapes, double sided options, transfer, paper masking tapes and more. Check out our full product list to see our extensive range of automotive tapes available to purchase safely and securely.

What to Consider When Choosing Automotive Tape

Below, we’ll guide you through the top eight things to consider before picking the automotive tape for your job.

1.     Texture

The last thing you want is for the tape applied to affect the surface underneath. Therefore, you’ll need to consider the texture of the surfaces you’ll be working on and choose your automotive tape accordingly.

For example, smooth and more sensitive surfaces will often require a synthetic rubber adhesive which is less aggressive to prevent disturbing or damaging it. Smoother adhesives are more useful when working on smoother surfaces. Meanwhile, using textured materials like plastic or metal could call for a more aggressive adhesive.

Man with protective clothes and mask painting car using spray compressor.

Double-sided tapes can be one of the best to choose from if you’re planning to work on several surfaces with different textures since they provide excellent adhesion for most textured surfaces.

2.     Temperature resistance

The tackiness of the adhesive can depend on the climate. Generally speaking, the colder it is, the weaker the adhesive bond will be.

But when working at higher temperatures, the adhesive will also need specific properties to ensure it remains effective. Our range of high-temperature tapes, such as Green Polyester Film Tape and Blue Polyester Film Tape are temperature resistant up to 220°C/428°F, making them perfect for jobs like powder coating.

We also have an excellent selection of high-temperature masking tapes, such as our high-performance, high-strength 160°C Crepe Masking Tape. This tape provides good adhesion up to those higher temperatures while allowing you to paint crisp lines.

3.     Moisture resistance

Likewise, if you plan to use the tape in an area prone to moisture, it’s a good idea to ensure your tape of choice is moisture-resistant. Making sure that water or moisture can’t penetrate through the tape and cause any issues to the internal and external fixtures, or the paint job is essential.

4.     Impact absorption

Some jobs will require a stronger tape because of how much energy is being used. When powder coating or wet sanding, the tape must be able to stay put regardless of how much pressure is applied.

If you’ll be carrying out a high-impact job, it’s best to choose a strong and reliable tape solution such as our Premium Black Cloth Tape for protecting areas of your car when carrying out bodywork.

5.     Ease of use

Some tapes will be easier to use than others because of their individual properties. While some options might be quick and easy to apply, others will require extra steps in preparation or application. You’ll need to consider this when choosing your automotive tape since the time saved using one tape might not be worthwhile if it ruins the paint job or surface on removal. Alternatively, there are some tape solutions available that will save time while also providing a high-quality finish. With our wide range of reliable and versatile products, you’re sure to find the perfect time-saving and non-damaging tape for any job.

Generally, tackier tapes might be more difficult to work with while thinner tapes can also cause issues in the application.

Car service worker applying protective tape on the car details before polishing

6.     Colour

There are a massive variety of coloured tapes available for different uses. From masking tapes to match your surface colour to Paint Control Tape that can give you the confidence of knowing the right paint quantity has been used – you should ensure you choose the colour of tape that best suits the job at hand.

7.     Budget

It’s always worth researching the properties of different tapes before considering the cost. But this can be a factor to consider if you want to provide lower-cost services or save some money on supplies.

While some tapes might be on the pricier side, the time saved by using them will ultimately help you keep labour costs lower.

8.     Removal

Removal is one of the most significant considerations, which also comes down to which materials you’re working on. Damaging car paint, interior fixtures, or upholstery can be a worry, so be sure to purchase from a trusted retailer. At JTAPE, all our products are designed to leave no adhesive residue upon removal and can be used on a wide range of internal and external surfaces with ease.

Remember, the tackier the tape, the higher the risk that it could damage the surfaces. For these types of tapes, there is usually a preparation stage and specific removal instructions to prevent any issues.

We hope you found the tips in this guide useful as a starting point for choosing your automotive tape.

Our tape solutions have been designed to help with all types of automotive jobs, helping body shop professionals save time in preparation and during the painting process with innovative solutions that eliminate the need for rework.  Visit our online store to discover the full range of JTAPE products available, or contact us to find your local distributor.

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