How to use Fine Line Masking Tape to Paint a Car

Two tone paint jobs and multi-coloured finishes are increasingly popular and can transform the look of a vehicle, but without the right tools, they can be hard to get right.  The JTAPE range of fine line tapes will help you get the perfect result more quickly, saving you time and money.

All About the Edge

Wherever two colours meet on a paint job, an ultra-defined clean line that looks sharp is vital.  Getting the perfect edge between the two paint colours means choosing the right fine line masking tape and using it correctly.  Our specialist fine line tape is designed to deliver this every time.

Using Fine Line Masking Tape is Simple

main spray painting a car blackPreparation is essential.

Make sure that the area that is going to be taped is completely clean.  Remove any dirt or grease to ensure that the tape adheres properly to give you the perfect edge and finish.

Using the right length of automotive masking tape means less chance of getting an uneven result.  Apply your fine line masking tape from the roll carefully.  Avoid air bubbles that might compromise the clean edge, and be sure that you press down on any areas where two or more lengths of tape cross to avoid any paint ingress at those intersections.

With fine line masking tape you can paint up to the edge with confidence, and get a great result.

For best results carefully remove the tape when the paint is dry to the touch, but not fully cured. Our fine line masking tapes are designed to come away easily without leaving a residue, which means a clean finish with minimal clean up after the job is finished.

When you’re finished, all that’s left to do is to stand back and admire the results!

For more information about our range of fine line masking tapes, please contact us, or buy online securely in our online store.

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