Fine Line Masking Tapes


Fine line masking tapes are designed to give you the cleanest finish and precise edges when working on jobs that require attention to detail such as coach stripes or custom finishes. We offer a choice of tapes that offer excellent conformability and allow you to get the best possible result.

Choose from a range of different fine line masking tapes that offer excellent adhesion to give the cleanest possible finish for your detail work.


Using Fine Line Masking Tapes

For detailed painting jobs such as coach lines or custom finishes, it is essential to be able to mask precise areas and avoid any bleeding of paint between areas.  Fineline masking tapes are manufactured to provide you with a clean line and can be used to mask small areas or maintain straight edges.

Fineline Masking tapes are typically narrower than standard tapes and manufactured from a flexible material that allows them to be gently curved over a complex surface.  The tapes feature a pressure sensitive rubber-based adhesive that does not leave a residue when removed.

JTAPE offer fine line masking tapes in a variety of colours to offer contrast when painting and are available in multiple sizes from 1mm to 12mm.


Specialist Fine Line Masking Tapes

Alongside our core range of fine line tapes, JTAPE also offer a choice of customising tapes that offer added features.

Striping Tape is an ideal solution for painting exact coach lines with a consistent width and sharp edges.  The tape has pre-cut lines that allow for sections of the tape to be easily removed to give a fixed width stripe along the full length of a vehicle.

Customising Tape comes in a standard 12mm width made up of eight 1.5mm strips that can be separated to give you a variety of options for detail work such as on custom paintwork for vehicles or motorcycle helmets where detail is required.


Find Out More

For more information about the JTAPE range of fine line masking tapes, please download our latest brochure or speak to one of our team who will be able to advise you about their usage in different situations.

Our full product range is available to buy online direct from JTAPE, or from your local distributor.