Fine Line Masking Tapes

Fine Line Masking Tape is the perfect tool for the most precise jobs. From pinstriping to lettering, and even just painting in intricate areas, this thin masking tape is the best solution for helping you achieve a high-quality finish on even the most delicate painting.

Our range of Fine Line Masking Tapes includes a variety of colours which are suitable for use in high temperatures. They’re also available in a multitude of widths, ranging from as thin as 1mm up to as thick as 50mm.

Our Top Picks

120ºC Lime Precision Masking Tape

From: £3.99

Ideal for both solvent-based and water-based paint systems 120°C Lime Precision Masking Tape is higher tack than other precision masking tapes and can be used for masking on painted surfaces, glass, plastics, mouldings, trims, rubbers and wheels.

Striping Tape


Striping Tape has been designed for easily painting long straight lines/stripes.  It has pre-cut lines to give a variety of stripe options and its non-bleed properties give a perfect finish.

Purple Translucent Fine Line Masking Tape

From: £4.49

Purple Translucent Fine Line Masking Tape features a newly formulated translucent backing which makes it ideal for seeing through to the painted surface, it is highly flexible and conformable making it ideal for following contours and tight curves, and can be cleanly removed after painting to leave a defined line with no adhesive residue.

Blue Fine Line Masking Tape

From: £4.49

Blue Fine Line Masking Tape is a medium flex tape for creating intricate curves or straight lines. After painting, it can be cleanly removed leaving a defined line with no adhesive residue.  Temperature resistant up to 150°C/302°F.

Quality is key for us here at JTAPE, which is why we always strive to provide our customers with the very best. From choosing the most high-quality materials to designing our tapes for a wide variety of industries, you can rely on JTAPE tapes to deliver British-made, high-quality solutions for you.

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Fine Line Masking Tapes Frequently Asked Questions

Precision tapes or Fine Line Masking Tapes usually have a medium tack adhesive that makes achieving both straight lines and curved designs easier. The tape is also typically flexible enough to be used to protect areas around intricate designs, and the use of acrylic, waterproof adhesives means that the tapes remain flat in place. This helps to easily prevent paint bleeding and ensures you achieve clean and sharp edges every time.

Fine Line Masking Tapes can be used for many different applications, including pinstriping, lettering, painting in intricate spots and contrast colour paintwork.

The thinnest masking tape we offer at JTAPE is our Blue Fine Line Masking Tape which is available to purchase as a 1 mm-wide tape.

Our Fine Line Masking Tapes are all made from different materials that suit the purpose they were designed for. For example, our Striping Masking Tape is polypropylene based to give it a rigid construction to prevent tearing. Meanwhile, our Orange Fine Line Masking Tape is thermally stabilised with a PVC backing and rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive which makes it perfect for working in higher temperatures.

The material you choose will depend on the properties you need the tape to have and the job at hand.

JTAPE’s Striping Tape is best to use for pinstriping since the pre-cut lines allow painters to choose from a variety of stripe width options. Whether you’re painting wide or thin stripes, this tape’s non-bleed properties make it perfect for pinstriping across a car body accurately.

Although Fine Line Masking Tapes can be cut to a smaller width using scissors or a razor, it’s always best to try to purchase the correct width of tape in the first place. To cut your sections, you can use scissors or a sharp blade.

While a roll of Striping Tape comes with different sections of pre-cut lines, Fine Line Masking Tapes will only come in one width per roll and need to be cut by hand to achieve a different width. For example, Striping Tape has 8 sections of 1.5mm tape which can be used to create varying widths of tape.

Fine Line Masking Tapes can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including metal, glass, plastic, and rubber. Whether you’re working on rubber trims or metal bodywork, Fine Line Masking Tapes are suitable to be used in many situations.

The different colours help differentiate between the different properties of our Fine Line Masking Tapes. For example, our Lime Precision Masking Tape has an acrylic-based adhesive, while our Blue Fine Line Masking Tape has a rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive.

Each colour of the tape is best suited to certain applications. While some of our Fine Line Masking Tapes have high-temperature resistance, others are non-stretch to help achieve long, clean lines.

Fine Line Masking Tapes should always be applied in one continuous strip to ensure you get the best finish. Sharply defined edges are much easier to achieve with one piece of tape rather than trying to overlay different pieces.

The best way to do this is to cut your sections to the desired length leaving some room at the end, Then, you can apply the tape slowly by laying it in the correct placement for the job and pressing it down as you move across the surface.