Masking Tapes


Masking Tape for all Purposes

As specialists, we understand that each job has its own requirements, and offer a range of products from conventional paper tapes for general use through to foam blending tapes that make curved edges easy and fine line tapes for precision work.  Our diligence and high production standards mean that you benefit from a reliable product that will give you consistent results every time you use it.

With our masking tapes, you benefit from quality materials that prevent bleed through of paint, and a low tack adhesive that makes removal easy and leaves no surface residue or damage.


Designed for Industry

We understand that different materials and finishes require the right products, and we produce masking tapes that meet the needs of your industry.  We offer specialist tapes for masking different materials consistently and without damage, so you are able to achieve the best possible finish on multiple surfaces including metal, rubber, glass, and wood.

From complex curved surfaces requiring a flexible, conformable tape that won’t allow unwanted leaks through to larger flat areas which require extensive cover before painting, our range includes the right masking product for your needs.  Depending on your needs, tapes are available for either a feathered finish for blending or for a clean finish.

Download a brochure today to see our full range or browse our range of masking tapes and buy with confidence direct from the manufacturer to benefit from our advice and support or from your local distributor.