What are Blending Tapes

Blending tapes are used when you are painting part of a panel and allow you to create a seamless flow from the old surface to the newly painted areas.  With blending tapes, you can achieve a better match between old and new paintwork, even on complex surfaces.

Modern car designs use complex surfaces to create a more appealing look, and this can complicate repair work, particularly around swage lines in the panel, however with JTAPE Flexi No Edge Blending Tape, you are able to use the highly conformable tape to mask off these complex areas more easily to create a clean working area and get better results on resprays.

Using Blending Tapes

When used to blend new paint into old paintwork without leaving any harsh paint lines, blending tape is incredibly effective.  It can be used for masking recessed areas like door sill closes, door gaps with the increasingly common recessed landing position, and panels with sharp stylistic lines.  JTAPE Blending Tapes are a popular automotive masking tape, and are used in paintshops globally as part of the respraying process.

Our JTAPE No Edge Blending Tape is manufactured from a combination of a high-performance paper masking tape with a foam layer that will absorb paint.  The tape has a feathered edge over long lengths meaning that it can give you a consistent finish and does not stretch, meaning that it conforms well to straight lines on the panel.

Our blending tape is heat resistant up to 160oC (320 oF), meaning that it is suitable for use in high and low bake ovens and with infra-red drying systems.

When using blending tapes, after preparation, you simply mask off the areas that you do not want to paint, apply the paint, and then remove the tape before the clearcoat is dry to create an excellent, seamless finish between the new and old paintwork.

Find out more

JTAPE offer a choice of different masking tapes that are suited to your work and help you guarantee an excellent finish on even the most complex surfaces.  You can buy No Edge Blending Tape and Flexi No Edge Blending Tape online from our store, or from your local distributor.  For more information about our extensive range of masking tapes, please contact us to speak to one of our helpful support team.