Flexi No Edge Blending Tape Vs No Edge Blending Tape – What is the difference?

JTAPE is known throughout the automotive sector for designing and developing the highest quality masking solutions.  This helps our customers save time and avoid rework.  Two of our more popular and innovative products are No Edge Blending Tape, and its complementary product, Flexi No Edge Blending Tape. Among the most common questions our technical sales team get are:

  • What is the difference between the two?
  • When should they be used?

No Edge Blending Tape

Designed specifically for masking swage lines and straight panel edges. No Edge Blending Tape is non-stretch and helps create a seamless finish between old and new paintwork. Made from a paint absorbent foam that leaves a feathered finish, there are no hard paint edges which helps eliminate rework and other associated costs.

Used by body shops and manufacturers worldwide who want a more efficient and consistent finish than just folding masking tape. It can reduce the time taken to prepare a vehicle for painting by over 50%.

No Edge Blending Tape is supplied on rolls of up to 25m which can be easily torn to the size required.  This reduces waste and ensures a perfect finish every time.

For best practice, apply the product on the vehicle just before priming, painting or clear coating and remove when wet where possible, for a seamless finish. The adhesive has been developed for clean removal, leaving no residue to clean off and is suitable for use with low bake ovens or infra-red drying systems.

Flexi No Edge Blending Tape

JTAPE developed Flexi No Edge Blending Tape to meet the challenges faced when refinishers were trying to bend masking tape and other alternatives.  This created a cost-effective and easy to use solution for painting around curved edges. A sister product to No Edge Blending Tape, the flexible foam tape masks around curves quickly and efficiently.Flexi No Edge Blending Tape

This specialist tape is designed to flex when it is applied.  It has many uses including:

  • Around bumper edges
  • Wheel arches
  • Roof panel lines
  • Contoured swage/style lines
  • Fuel filler caps

Flexi No Edge Blending Tape is especially handy when masking around fuel filler caps.

Refinishers who previously used masking tape around curved lines report that using Flexi No Edge Blending Tape reduces the time taken to do a job by nearly 80%. Rather than spending up to 15 minutes to mask a fuel filler cap, the job now takes under a minute.  Based on current labour rates across the industry, this could save over £7 – significant when margins are tight.

Made from paint absorbent foam, Flexi No Edge Blending Tape conforms around curves without kinking, eliminating the need for rework and is ideal for any refinishing or body repair task including the application of primer, paint and clearcoat.

For best practice, don’t stretch the foam upon application, remove when wet and stretch when demasking to avoid adhesive residue.

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