Protection Films

Choosing the right Protection Film is essential if you want to achieve professional results across a range of applications. Our range of protection films can be applied to protect broken automotive windows, protect floors from overspray or even replace inner door membranes, as well as offering general protection whilst painting.

At JTAPE, we offer a range of protection films in multiple sizes to provide an excellent solution across a variety of needs.

Our Top Picks

Seal Wrap

From: £8.99

Seal Wrap protects broken automotive windows from the elements until ready for repair. The film is a clear, tough, low-tack masking material, for both interior and exterior applications.

Non-Slip Surface Protection Film

From: £96.49

Non-Slip Surface Protection Film is a quick and efficient way to protect surfaces in mixing rooms, spray booth floors, stainless steel table tops and paint mixing areas.

Door Skin Replacement Film


Door Skin Replacement Film is a polyethylene based clear film for making door interiors watertight.

Whether you’re protecting a workspace or making some decorative changes, our protection films are the perfect solution that will prevent unnecessary damage with ease.

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Protectiion Films Frequently Asked Questions

Protection films have multiple uses and are typically used to protect the likes of walls and floors of spray booths and worktops. This differs to masking films, which are used to prevent paint sticking to the surrounding panels when painting part of a car. Protection films provide a great solution for wrapping broken windshields or windows and replacing door skin liners, in order to protect from moisture getting in.

Although the two products are quite similar, they’re often used for different purposes. Protection films are best suited for when you are trying to protect walls and floors, such as when mixing paint. Protection films can also help to prevent moisture from getting in through broken automotive windows or door skin liners that need replacing. Meanwhile, masking film is best used to prevent paint or overspray from reaching other surrounding areas when painting, such as only painting part of a car.

There is a wide range of advantages to using protection films, regardless of what industry you’re in. The main benefits are typically UV protection, excellent temperature and chemical resistance, and great protection against abrasions or scratches.

A metal or plastic scraper is the best thing to use when removing surface protection film from any material. Test it on a small section and ensure you take care not to damage the surface underneath as you go. The protection film should peel away in one large section, making the removal process smooth and quick.



Many protection films offer heat resistance to some degree. At JTAPE, Our Seal Wrap is suitable for use in temperatures ranging from 15°C to 35°C (59°F to 95°F), while our Non-Slip Surface Protection Film can be exposed to temperatures from 5°C to 45°C (40°F to 110°F). For higher heat resistance, it’s worth taking a look at our masking films since these are more likely to be used on vehicles during spraying or baking processes.