Protecting Body Shop Surfaces with Surface Protection Film

Protecting surfaces and equipment from things like chemicals and paints within your body shop can often feel like it takes up a big chunk of your time that you’d rather spend working on your customer’s vehicles. And while body shops aren’t usually known for being clean and tidy because of the messy nature of many repair jobs, it’s still important to ensure all the necessary surfaces are adequately covered. We believe this process can and should be simplified with the right protective equipment.

Utilising more efficient products is the first step to this, which is where we come in at JTAPE. With decades of experience manufacturing tapes for the automotive industry, we’ve created a range of excellent products to help body shops get the jobs done quicker and easier.

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Body Shop Clean & Tidy

Having a clean and tidy working environment comes with more advantages than you might realise. Below, we’ll run through a few of the main benefits of regularly using protective film in your body shop.

Maintaining High Standards in the Working Environment for Employees

Your employees will likely find working in a messy or disorganised environment challenging. Applying surface protection film is a great way to ensure your employees can clean up any spillages or messes easily, meaning that shop maintenance can be a much smoother and simpler process.

Looking After the Premises

mechanic working in the bodyshop

Ensuring your floors, walls and equipment are kept in the best condition is the most cost-effective way to run a shop. Not only will it reduce the need to replace equipment as often, but it’ll also ensure everything stays looking as good as new for longer. By adding protective film to your surfaces, you’ll be keeping everything in the best condition possible.

Professional Image

Areas on show to customers should be kept clean and tidy because this can help boost the attractiveness of the shop to passers-by. By protecting the areas that customers will visit, you can keep on top of the cleaning and maintenance necessary for a professional shop. Customers will be more likely to trust that you’ll do a good job with their vehicle repairs or paint job if the storefront and surrounding areas look more presentable.

Health & Safety Reasons

When paint overspray is left on the body shop floor, it poses a dangerous slip hazard for both employees and customers. To keep everyone as safe as possible, it’s worth laying down protection film with non-slip properties. The film can be cleaned with panel wipes to prevent accidents and ensure your shop complies with health and safety standards.

Protecting Body Shop Surfaces with JTAPE Surface Protection Film

Surface Protection FIlm

Our Non-Slip Surface Protection Film is expertly designed to protect any kind of surface from paint overspray. Constructed with a clean, removable pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive coated to an LDPE film with an anti-slip agent, this film provides the perfect solution for efficiently protecting all different types of surfaces in a body shop. Our film does an excellent job of shielding everything from worktops to spray booth walls, preventing damage or unnecessary accidents while you get on with your jobs.

How to use on:

Workshop & Mixing Room Floors

Simply apply the adhesive film straight from the roll onto the workshop floor area you want to cover. After applying pressure using a floor scraper or similar tool, you can then cut the film to size using scissors or a razor. The film can be applied to a variety of materials thanks to the pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive, making it easy to install on various workshop and mixing room flooring types.

Once installed, the film provides excellent resistance against all kinds of automotive paints, no matter their chemical makeup.

Scales & Worktops

It’s usually best to cut the film down into smaller squares or rectangles to protect smaller items such as scales and worktops. This can then be cut down further and conformed to fit around the item and protect it from paint. Only the side of the object facing upwards will need to be covered since it will provide enough coverage to shield the surface.

Walls Inside of Spray Booths

Spray painting can be incredibly messy. So while your employees will wear protective clothing, it’s also equally as important to protect the walls inside the spray booth. Our film can be applied in panels to fully cover the walls, speeding up the cleaning process and allowing you to get on with the next job quicker. It can often be helpful to use an additional layer of tape to cover the gaps since this will guarantee that no paint gets through during the spraying process.

We hope this guide reminds you of just how important it is to protect body shop surfaces. If you want to keep providing the best services for your clients in a clean, stress-free environment, this is a step you simply can’t avoid.

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