Masking Films

Masking films are essential for protecting large areas during the painting process to prevent overspray and achieve high-quality, professional results every time. Having confidence that your masking film is excellent quality is a high priority, whether you’re painting within the decorating or automotive industry.

Your masking film should offer the highest level of protection for the surface underneath so that you don’t need to worry about damage or overspray on any areas. Here at JTAPE, our experts have manufactured a great range of masking films suitable for a range of different applications and uses.

Our Top Picks

Breathable Masking Film


Breathable Masking Film is moisture absorbent, allowing the user to mask damp surfaces while reducing ghost marking after bake.

Premium Clear Masking Film

From: £39.99

Premium Clear Masking Film is an essential product to quickly cover all parts of a vehicle that are not part of the re-spraying process. It is Corona treated to hold mist and general paint over spray during the spraying process.

Pre-Folded Clear Masking Film

From: £12.99

Pre-Folded Clear Masking Film quickly covers all areas which are not involved in the spraying process and is Corona treated to hold mist and general paint over spray.

Wheel Repair Mask

From: £12.49

Wheel Repair Mask is the most effective way to mask a tyre when painting vehicle wheels. It is easy to use and saves considerable time and materials over traditional masking methods and is a SEMA Global Award winner.

Depending on the task at hand, our range of masking films includes a variety of different features to help with your job. For example, our corona-treated masking films can hold paint or mist overspray to keep your paint job as neat as possible.

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Masking Films Frequently Asked Questions

Masking films are essential during the masking process for covering large areas. They’re typically made using polyethene to give them the strength needed to prevent tearing or punctures.

Masking films are most commonly used during spray painting, although this is suitable for use in many different industries. From aerospace to automotive, masking films can be used to cover any area and protect it from overspray or leaking.

Masking film products can vary depending on the purpose they’re best suited to. Therefore, the methods used for this product will change based on whether you’re protecting surfaces in your body shop or covering parts of a vehicle to prevent overspray.

While some films contain adhesives and will need to be applied with a more targeted approach, others are electrostatically charged and only need to be placed in the right areas and sealed by tying off the ends or taping them down.

Masking films are suitable for use on any materials and surfaces, including metal, steel, and wood. Any surface underneath your masking film should be safe from any damage or overspray as long as it has been correctly applied.

Most JTAPE Masking Films have been designed to be temperature resistant, meaning they’re suited for use in low-bake ovens and other artificial heating and drying systems.

The corona treatment on the majority of our masking films means that they will hold any liquid on the surface. Water and other liquids won’t be absorbed into the film, making them water resistant.