Wheel Repair Mask

Wheel Repair Mask


JTAPE Alloy Repair Mask is a flexible solution for the masking of tyres during the re-spraying of wheel alloys. Our Wheel Repair Mask consists of a treated 20 micron MDPE paint absorbent film & has an elastic centre piece which can expand to 26″ in diameter. Temperature resistant.

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Where / How to use:
  1. Remove the wheel from the vehicle and deflate the tyre.
  2. Clean the rim thoroughly before masking the wheel.
  3. Place the band around the rim ensuring the treated side of the film faces up.
  4. Flip the wheel over and draw the corners of the product together and tape down.
  5. Ensure the film is firmly in position but not overly taut.
  6. Flip the wheel again, checking the elasticated band is still creating a tight seal.
  • Elastic centre piece
  • Temperature resistant
  • Maximum inner diameter: 26″
  • Paint absorbent
  • Flexible for all sizes of wheel alloy
  • Saves time and material compared to traditional processes
  • Simple and easy to use