Alloy Wheel Repair Masks Make Painting Wheels Easier

Over time, kerbs and stone chips from loose road surfaces can take their toll on alloy wheels.  Scratched and chipped wheels can affect the look of the whole car, and it’s no surprise that owners who take pride in their vehicle will want to get their wheels repaired to look their best again.

A Tricky and Time-Consuming Job

Alloy Wheel Repair MaskAs anyone who works in a paint shop will tell you, painting alloy wheels is one of their most challenging tasks, aside from the complex preparation work and often complex when shapes, tyre protection can be fiddly.  Painters have the option of either painstaking masking with straight edged tapes and films, or full removal of tyres which may need to be rebalanced and refitted after the work is complete.

Alloy Wheel Repair Masks are a Straightforward Solution

To make it easier to get a great result when painting alloy wheels, JTAPE developed our Wheel Repair and Re-spraying Mask.  The mask consists of a treated, paint-absorbent 20-micron MDPE film, designed to completely cover the deflated tyre and fit under the wheel rim.

A single size product fits almost any size of alloy wheel because the ingenious elastic centre piece can expand up to a 26-inch diameter.

When correctly fitted and taped down, the alloy wheel repair masks create a tight seal, providing full protection for the tyre during the painting process.  The mask is temperature resistant too, so there’s no problem using it during low bake cycles.

Find out More

Our alloy wheel repair masks make wheel repairs and resprays quicker and more efficient.  View our online store for more information, or to order online.  Alternatively, find your local distributor.

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