Protect Broken Car Windows with Seal Wrap: How-to Guide

A broken car window can be inconvenient and frustrating for any driver. In situations where a vehicle will be exposed to the elements or the driver needs to continue using it before repairs can be made, it’s often necessary to apply temporary protection to the area. This is why we’re introducing our Seal Wrap as the best option for this application.

In this article, we’ll discuss why this is the most effective material for temporarily covering broken car windows and explain how to apply it to provide the best protection against weather and further damage.

JTAPE Seal Wrap: The Best Material to Cover Broken Car Windows

Seal Wrap

It’s common to see people trying to use a variety of things to cover their broken windows, including bin bags and cardboard. However, it’s vital that you use a suitable and effective material to cover the broken window if you want to continue driving the vehicle while still protecting the interior from outside elements. While these other methods might cover the area, they aren’t likely to provide the weather resistance, visibility and toughness needed for this job.

Our JTAPE Seal Wrap is the perfect instant solution for protecting broken windows as a temporary measure. Whether the car was broken into through one of the windows or stone chips have caused cracks, our wrap can be applied quickly and easily. This means you don’t need to worry about the gap until it can be fixed.

Additionally, the clear, low-density polyethylene film provides complete transparency. Unlike other protective methods often used, the driver can still see through the window even though it’s covered, meaning visibility isn’t compromised at all.

Finally, we understand that all vehicles are different, which is why we offer our protective seal wrap in three different width options. Ranging from 300mm up to 900mm, our seal wrap is suitable for a wide variety of vehicle types, regardless of shape or size.

Benefits of Seal Wrap for Window Protection

For a broken car window, window masking film is the ideal choice due to its excellent durability and flexibility. It can be used both inside and outside the car for optimal protection from any outdoor environment. With seal wrap, you also can maintain full visibility while driving, ensuring that the driver experience remains unchanged despite the damage. Drivers can still look out of the window and see their surroundings as they could before, as well as their side mirrors which help with manoeuvrability.

The benefits don’t stop there, either. The removal process is just as easy as the application, and you won’t find any unwanted residue left behind from the custom-formulated water-based acrylic adhesive. As a result, when the time comes to repair the window, the seal can be removed efficiently, and replacement or repair work can begin immediately.

How to Protect Car Windows with Seal Wrap

Broken and damaged shattered glass of the car side window protected with nylon and duct taped to protect interior from rain and water

Using our Seal Wrap product is a quick and easy process that should only take a few minutes. But first, it’s worth surveying the damage and deciding whether to remove any shards of glass beforehand. If you can, it’s usually best to remove all remaining glass for safety reasons – especially if it’s broken into smaller pieces.

Once the glass is removed, you can move onto the seal wrap application. Thanks to the self-adhesive plastic film, it can be applied directly from the roll over the affected window. When applying the seal, be sure to overlap it onto the surrounding panels since this will help it adhere better and for longer. The last thing to do is take a pair of scissors or a razor and cut it from the roll, securing each of the edges as you go with additional pressure. The seal should sit flat on the surface and entirely cover the window area.

After giving everything a final check over and ensuring the seal is sitting flush against the window area, the vehicle should be safe to get back on the road. For additional protection, the seal wrap can be applied to the inside of the vehicle in the same way, ensuring everything is firmly stuck down and there aren’t any gaps. Although one layer is usually adequate, it can offer additional peace of mind to apply it to the interior and exterior of the window area.

It’s important to remember that this acts only as a temporary solution and shouldn’t be seen as a more permanent answer. While our seal is durable and sturdy, vehicle owners should look to get their windows fixed as soon as possible since failure to do so could compromise the safety of the driver and passengers. It could also lead to an MOT failure, so it’s best to view this as a short-term fix.

We hope our how-to guide comes in handy for providing temporary window protection until a repair is possible. At JTAPE, we have a variety of professional quality wraps, seals and tapes available. Visit our online store to discover the full range, or contact us to find your local distributor.

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