Advanced Foam Masking Tape

Advanced Foam Masking Tape


JTAPE Advanced Foam Masking Tape is designed for masking door apertures to prevent the ingress of paint during the automotive refinish process.

Advanced foam masking tape for masking of all gaps on vehicles. Temperature resistant up to 90°C/194°F.
Ultimate masking for paint and lacquer. A unique, adjustable and efficient way to mask cars for paint and lacquer.

Product Options

1011.2050 20mm X 50m

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Where / How to use:
  • For use in all apertures: A, B and C posts

  • One continuous length – no wastage
  • Fully adjustable – no need to restart process if product length is misjudged
  • Hidden adhesive – no adhesive exposed
  • No hard paint edges – eliminates rework
  • Precise fingertip adjustment – perfect product positioning everytime
  • Paint absorbent
  • Dispensing box – simple, effective and easy to use