Foam Tape as Gasket Tape: Sealing Windows, Sunroofs & Doors

Having a faulty seal on the window or door of a car can be very frustrating for drivers, particularly as it means air, moisture and noise is likely to get into the vehicle. When it comes to repairing a seal that’s gone, customers will be looking for a job well done to prevent any further problems.

Gasket tape can be a popular choice for creating a temporary seal, particularly when it comes to HVAC equipment and sound systems. But, when it comes to car window seals, or the seals of doors and even sunroofs, double sided mounting tape constructed using foam can provide an effective solution.

In this article, we’ll look at what gasket tape is and how you can use double sided tape to plug the gap when a seal has broken.

What is Gasket Tape?

Gasket tape is an adhesive-backed, silicone foam or closed cell silicone sponge. Gasket tape is typically used to provide an airtight seal, creating a barrier and protection from moisture and air. For this reason, gasket tape is a popular choice for repairs to ductwork and air conditioning equipment. This type of tape usually comes in reverse-wound rolls, preventing unnecessary unravelling and wastage.

However, double sided mounting tape backed by foam can be a suitable option for creating a similar airtight seal in vehicles due to the reinforced design and high strength bonding. In this sense, mounting tape can provide a viable alternative to sealant or rubber foam for gasketing applications, thanks to its ability to withstand conditions including heat and moisture.

Providing a simple fix for a broken car door, window or sunroof seal, foam masking tape can act as a draught excluder and simple weatherproofing solution.

JTAPE Tapes for Sealing

At JTAPE our foam-based mounting tapes primarily offer a high strength solution for bonding emblems and external fixtures. Their range of excellent weather-resistant, ageing and durability properties also makes them suitable for fitting seamlessly in all panel gaps. Therefore, they can be used as an effective tool for repairing seals. Here are some of the products we’d suggest using.

Grey Double Sided Acrylic Tape

JTAPE grey double sided acrylic tape

JTAPE’s premium Double Sided Acrylic Tape features a reinforced acrylic 1.1mm closed-cell structure foam tape, alongside its high tack and high strength acrylic adhesive. Thanks to the closed-cell foam construction, this tape is ideal for internal and external fixings in all weather conditions.

While our Double Sided Acrylic Tape is often used for bonding substrates and items like emblems, nameplates, plastic panels and metals, its high strength adhesive also means it’s the perfect product for sealing windows, sunroofs and doors of vehicles. You can trust that the external elements won’t affect the seals and can last over long durations.

Double Sided Mounting Tape

Double Sided Mounting Tape

With excellent ageing and weather resistant properties, the JTAPE Double Sided Mounting Tape is the perfect versatile foam tape to use when fixing vehicle seals. Not only is this suitable for permanent fixings, but it also offers great resistance to solvents, chemicals and UV heat, meaning it won’t budge or allow any damage to the sealed areas.

High Strength Acrylic Tape

JTAPE red high strength acrylic tape

Our High Strength Acrylic Tape constructed using foam can provide maximum strength performance for permanent fixings, such as when gasketing. Like our other mounting tapes, this option offers excellent resistance to solvents, chemicals, UV and heat, allowing the tape to bond permanently without issues. The clear acrylic foam-based adhesive makes this tape versatile due to being high tack, but also retaining flexibility to be applied on metals, glass and plastics.

Sealing Windows, Sunroofs and Doors

When it comes to using mounting masking tape to create a new seal, it couldn’t be simpler thanks to our excellent range of JTAPE products.

First, it’s important to remove any of the existing seals or rubber, which can typically be done using a flathead screwdriver. This gives you a better chance of creating a neat finish when you apply the tape. Whether you’re sealing a window or door, making sure the area is clean and free from residue sets you up well for the next steps.

When it comes to laying the tape, start from one corner and move to the other using slight pressure at first. It’s crucial to ensure there are no gaps, and try to avoid stretching the tape. Once you’re happy with the positioning of the tape, press down again to ensure maximum effectiveness from the adhesive, and to make sure the tape is stuck evenly across the length of the tape.

Thanks to the rubber-based adhesive used in many of our mounting foam tapes, you won’t need to wait for anything to dry or set. Our adhesives get to work straight away and provide a high tack solution for sealing windows, sunroofs and doors as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Whichever seal you’re hoping to replace within a vehicle, you can feel confident knowing that foam masking tape will get the job done just as well as gasket tape. To find out more about our tapes, check out our full product range.

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