Double Sided Mounting Tape

Double Sided Mounting Tape

JTAPE Double Sided Mounting Tape has a high tack permanent adhesive with excellent ageing and weather resistant properties for automotive emblems, decals, mouldings and mirror fixings.
The product also has a good resistance to solvents, chemicals, UV and heat.

Product Options

2106.09109mm X 10m
2106.121012mm X 10m
2106.191019mm X 10m
2106.251025mm X 10m
2106.500550mm X 5m

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Where / How to use:
  1. Clean and degrease the panelwhere the body moulding is to be applied.
  2. Clean and degrease the body moulding.
  3. Apply the mounting tape to the body moulding and evenly apply pressure onto the tape.
  4. Peel off the release liner.
  5. Position the moulding and position onto the panel applying pressure evenly over the moulding ensuring it is well secured.
  6. The bodyside moulding is now securely fixed to the vehicle.
  • Permanent Fixing
  • Flexible
  • UV Resistant