Double Sided Mounting Tape

PART NO: 2106

JTAPE Double-Sided Mounting Tape is a permanent attachment tape best suited to securely fixing decals, mouldings, mirror fixings, number plates and other substrates to the surface of a vehicle. It features a high-tack, heavy-duty adhesive with excellent ageing and weather-resistant properties, alongside good resistance to solvents, chemicals, UV and heat.

The polyethylene foam tape is coated on both sides with an acrylic-based adhesive, providing an immediately strong bond between the two materials. Our automotive tape offers the ideal solution for mounting substrates including plastic and metal emblems, decals, mouldings, mirror fixings and more with a sleek and clean finish that doesn’t require drilling or screws.

Best for:

  • Fixing decals
  • Fixing trims and mouldings
  • Mirror fixings
  • Number plate mounting

Sizes available:

  • 9mm wide x 10m (2106.0910)
  • 12mm wide x 10m (2106.1210)
  • 19mm wide x 10m (2106.1910)
  • 25mm wide x 10m (2106.2510)
  • 50mm wide x 5m (2106.5005)
  • Other widths & lengths available upon request
Features Benefits
High tack adhesive Versatile - excellent for a range of use cases
Good resistance to weather, solvents, chemicals, UV and heat Flexible
Vibration resistant Saves time - no need for mechanical fastenings
Available in a range of widths and lengths Release liner protects the adhesive until application

How to Use

Step 1: Start by thoroughly cleaning and degreasing the panel where the moulding, decal or fixture is to be applied. This will prevent dirt or grease from hindering the effectiveness of the heavy-duty adhesive.

Step 2: Next, clean and degrease the body moulding, decal or fixture to ensure both materials are dirt and dust-free before application.

Step 3: Apply as many strips of JTAPE Double-Sided Mounting Tape as needed to the back of the fixture and apply pressure to secure it before peeling off the protective release liner.

Step 4: Position the fixture as desired onto the panel and apply an even amount of pressure to ensure it bonds securely.

Using Double-Sided Mounting Tape

How to Use Double-Sided Tape for Number Plate Mounting

In this guide, we explain how to use our Double-Sided Mounting Tape as a long-lasting and durable solution for mounting number plates.

Using Foam Tape as Gasket Tape 

Here, we explain how foam tape can be used as an alternative to gasket tape, alongside delving into how our Double-Sided Mounting tape can provide reliable fixings for sunroofs, doors, windows and other vehicle seals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although JTAPE Double-Sided Mounting Tape is a heavy-duty solution designed for permanent fixings, it can simply be removed by gently heating it and taking either a razor or string and running this under the tape until it has been removed.

JTAPE Double-Sided Mounting Tape is made from a polyethylene foam carrier with 0.8mm thickness.

Because this double-sided adhesive offers very high tack bonding, we recommend applying it slowly to ensure the positioning is correct. The tape is designed to provide a permanent fixing, although it can be repositioned before pressure has been applied and the release liner is peeled away.

Our Double-Sided Mounting Tape features a solvent-based acrylic make-up, which creates the high tack adhesive properties needed to achieve a secure and reliable fixing that won’t budge.


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Double Sided Mounting Tape

From: £5.49

Double Sided Mounting Tape has a high-tack adhesive with excellent ageing and weather-resistant properties, ideal for fixing decals, mouldings, mirror fixings and number plates.

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Double Sided Mounting Tape

Double Sided Mounting Tape has a high-tack adhesive with excellent ageing and weather-resistant properties, ideal for fixing decals, mouldings, mirror fixings and number plates.

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