JTAPE Innovation & Product Development

JTAPE was founded with a vision to provide excellent quality masking and adhesive supplies for the automotive industry. Since 2003, we’ve been hard at work crafting, developing and testing our innovations, starting with the launch of our first patented product, the Advanced Foam Masking Tape.

Where has this led us? Through years of innovation and product development, we’ve been able to develop hundreds of high-quality custom-designed masking and adhesive solutions with more than two thousand individual product lines available for our customers. And the best part? JTAPE’s tape and adhesive experts are dedicated to continually prioritising product development for many years to come.

20 Years of Innovation

For two decades, JTAPE has been hard at work revolutionising the automotive masking industry. From tapes to films and masking to mounting, we’ve turned our attention to the biggest and smallest problems encountered by body shop professionals in their everyday tasks. Combining our years of expertise and years of experience, we’re able to produce excellent quality masking products that professionals can count on, regardless of the task at hand.

Close up of JTAPE's products, including Masking Tape and Prime Shield

Product Development

Masking, mounting, customising, pinstriping and more can be made simple and easy with the help of ground-breaking adhesive solutions from JTAPE. The team behind product development are on an ongoing mission to develop new and exciting products to support automotive masking needs, alongside improving existing products wherever possible. Testing different adhesives for various jobs, adding new features that improve usability and offering the best quality products are just a few of the things JTAPE does to help meet customer needs.

We’re constantly revisiting our range to check that we’re bringing the best quality to the professionals who rely on our products. We do this by questioning each step and giving the reasoning behind each decision made throughout the development process. Is an acrylic-based adhesive better? Or would our foam-based technology work better? Will an easy-lift tab help with removal? Asking these questions means that each choice is intentional and serves its own purpose.

Solving Customer Problems

Our process creates unique products designed to solve customer problems with ease. Customer needs are at the forefront of every decision at JTAPE, and the team are passionate about building solutions that fix all kinds of issues commonly faced in the industry.

At the very beginning of the JTAPE journey, JTAPE’s founder, Oliver Jevons, heard the challenges being faced by automotive paint specialists and began devising innovative solutions to meet their needs from day one. Since then, we’ve developed a portfolio of over 50 products all targeted at the various issues faced during the masking process. Whether the aim is preventing overspray or masking off intricate areas accurately, our range contains products that can do it all.



JTAPE has also successfully formed and maintained significant partnerships with major paint suppliers in the UK. Our product distribution reaches OEMs such as Aston Martin, McLaren, Jaguar Landrover, Rolls Royce and Toyota. The OEM division of the business creates bespoke masking solutions to drive efficiencies in manufacturing facilities.

We don’t just have our sights set on solving issues in the automotive industry – JTAPE develops tape solutions suitable for industries such as aerospace and DIY. Our innovative adhesive supplies are used around the world in diverse markets to provide a high quality finish regardless of whether you’re in the marine industry or construction.

Professional using JTAPE tape to section and protect a cars surface.

Quality, Guaranteed

Quality is everything when it comes to masking, which is why here at JTAPE, we’re proud to offer guaranteed excellence with each of our adhesive products. Our experts take great care throughout each stage of product development and use rigorous quality control measures to make certain that each of our products meets our high standards before ending up in your body shop toolkit.

We only use the best, most high quality materials and include features that enhance usability. From flexible tapes that don’t compromise on function to fine tapes that can be placed multiple times without tearing or breaking, you can depend on our tape solutions to offer excellent quality with each use, regardless of the job.

Awarded for Innovation

From pioneering practices to international recognition, JTAPE has proven time and time again that we’re true leaders in specialist masking. But don’t just take our word for it – let our achievements speak for themselves.

JTAPE’s commitment to innovation has earned numerous awards and accolades over the last two decades. History was made when JTPAE became the very first business to win two awards in the same year at the North East Cheshire Business Awards, picking up the Innovation & Design and Business of the Year awards. International recognition wasn’t far behind either, and JTAPE was awarded an Innovation Award at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, alongside the Global Media Award for the Wheel Repair Mask. At the 2023 SEMA Show, we’re also proud to share that we achieved another Global Media Award for Innovation for our Perforated+ Trim Masking Tape.


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