Is Apple about to takeover McLaren

Shortly after Automechanika 2016 closed its doors the news became flooded with reports that Apple is poised to takeover McLaren.

From the rumours swirling through the halls at the show, Apple was in the process of scaling back its autonomous car project (codename Project Titan) to refocus on software delivery. Read more here.

However, in contrast with those reports we have since seen articles in the mainstream press reporting that Apple is looking to purchase or even invest in the Woking based company. It seems that either option has been discussed at the highest level in both Woking and Cupertino.

McLaren have been swift to deny these rumours however Apple have been reluctant to confirm or deny the claims.

With Automechanika 2016 focusing on technology, attention was on companies such as Apple and the new features they can bring to the automotive sector. For Apple, a McLaren acquisition would make a great deal of sense. It would give Project Titan access to McLaren’s Instant Power Assist System (IPAS) an innovative electric motor system used to boost the McLaren P1’s power output by over 170hp to a whopping 900 hp. McLaren also has experience of working with exotic materials such as carbon fibre, kevlar and titanium as well as energy recovery systems from its Formula 1 team.

All of these would advance an Apple autonomous car and shorten the development time of any fully featured vehicle potentially by years!

It seems Team JTAPE can get excited once again at the thought of an Apple car.

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