What is Automotive Paint Control Tape?

Achieving the perfect finish every time as efficiently as possible means carefully controlling the amount of paint that is applied. Too little paint on a surface, and the colour may be patchy with poor protection, while too little paint can lead to an uneven finish. Knowing when the right amount of paint has been applied can be made more difficult when the new colour is similar to the underlying primer or previous paint.

Paint Control Tape is a specialist masking tape that features a distinctive black and white check pattern and is applied to the surface.

As the layers of paint are built up, the check pattern on the tape becomes obscured, which shows you when the precise amount of paint has been applied.

The exceptional degree of control allowed by Paint Control Tape on a job enables professionals to express their talent and create a stunning finish, while also saving on materials, working quickly, and keeping the whole process efficient.

Easy to see and easy to remove

The checked pattern printed on the Paint Control Tape makes the tape instantly recognisable and highly visible during spray painting. It allows the painter to see when the job is finished and move onto the next stage without waste.

We manufacture our Paint Control Tape to the highest standards. It is a premium masking tape suitable for use with both solvent and water-based paints. The tape can be used for temperatures up to 80oC with strong adhesion to all surfaces, and easy removal without leaving a residue when the job is complete.

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Completing paint jobs more efficiently while still getting the best possible result will help improve your efficiency and make work more profitable. To find out more about how Paint Control Tape can be used on your next job, contact your local distributor, or view our online store to buy online.


Paint Control Tape, Pack of 3

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