Why Flexi No-Edge Blending Tape makes a Difference

One of our most recent product additions, and a popular choice when seeking the perfect paint job, Flexi No-Edge Blending Tape is ideal for a use when painting complex surfaces and allows you to avoid edges to get a perfect finish every time.

JTAPE Flexi No-Edge Blending Tape is highly conformable to curve easily around any shape so it can easily mask swage lines and panel edges to give the softest finish every time. Blending tape prevents a hard paint edge, and you can apply it easily to save plenty of time reworking around the fringes of your paint job – this makes each job more profitable.

Key Benefits

Highly conformable: Ideal for complex shapes including bumper edges, wheel arches, roof, and panel lines and around windows

Generous width: You can use the tape to bridge screen gaskets and rubbers, and you only need one size for any paint job

No hard edges: Allows seamless blending from old to new paint work and avoids mess

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Flexi No-Edge blending tape leave a residue when removed?

No, providing you carefully stretch it to remove.

2. Does it need fixing in place with masking tape?

Additional masking tape is not necessary provided that the bending tape is adhered to the bodywork using the correct pressure and without being stretched.

3. Can you use the tape in the filler cap?

Yes, the tape is conformable to the shape of a filler cap, but the area should be cleaned fully prior to application.

4. Can you leave the Flexi No-Edge Blending Tape in place during a bake cycle?

No, you should remove the tape prior to baking.

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Find your local distributor for JTAPE Flexi No-Edge Blending Tape here, or view and buy direct from our online store.

JTAPE flexi no edge blending tape


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