It was all about Autonomous at Automechanika

With Automechanika 2016 focusing on technology JTAPE could see first hand how Autonomous vehicles will change the automotive industry.

It’s been well documented that most manufacturers will move towards this driverless future in three stages:

  • Feet-off (intelligent cruise control)
  • Hands-off (think of Tesla’s Autopilot)
  • Brain-off stages

While stage 1 and stage 2 are essentially on the market. Stage 3 is clearly the focus of the large automotive manufacturers, with Ford even declaring it will have a driverless car to market within 5 years.

It was obvious at the show that this technology will have a profound effect on the repair industry, with vehicles packed full of the latest technology there is potential for less accidents, but when they do happen, they will probably be far more expensive and complex to repair.

Whatever the future holds JTAPE will continue to bring innovation and creative thinking to the sector.

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