JTAPE Duo Masking Tape Saves You Time and Materials

The JTAPE team designed our DUO Masking Tape to solve the most common problems encountered when spraying around roof rails and rubber seals. It is the perfect product for protecting the interior of a vehicle from overspray in the shop and a smart solution for any paint job because it will save you time, materials, and money.

DUO Masking Tape

As with all JTAPE products, we manufacture Duo Masking Tape from the highest quality materials. It has a rigid edge that allows you to easily mask individual panels and enables easy removal once the job is done.

We made Duo Masking Tape with adhesive on both sides making it simple to fix in place and avoid hard paint edges. The adhesive fixes the tape in place throughout the job to avoid any paint bleeding through but is also easy to remove without leaving any residue.

You can use DUO Masking Tape to protect surfaces in many different situations including:

  • Door rubber seals
  • Around bonnet edges
  • Around boot lids and trunk doors
  • Across roof and cant rails
  • On wing edges and guards

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