JTAPE DUO Masking Tapes

do you need to ensure you’re getting the perfect finish on the surface being painted, but you also need to be extra careful about paint escaping into the vehicle where removal can be time consuming and lead to work taking longer.

DUO Masking Tape has been designed by JTAPE especially for use on roof rails and on rubber seals. It is the smarter solution for preventing overspray and avoiding hard paint edges. As you would expect from JTAPE, DUO Masking Tape is manufactured from the highest quality materials and features a rigid edge to allow masking of individual panels and enabling easy removal without leaving a residue.

Why DUO Masking Tape is special

DUO Masking Tape features adhesive on both sides, meaning that you can protect rubber seals easily, fixing one side of the tape to the edge of the panel and the other side to the vehicle before using the perforations in the tape to tear it easily to the correct length.

When it comes to removal after the job is complete, the tape includes a tab that makes peeling the tape away from the finished surface without leaving a residue behind quick and easy.

DUO Masking Tape is ideal for use in a variety of applications including:

  • Roof/cant rails
  • Door rubber seals
  • Bonnet/hood
  • Boot/trunk
  • Wing/fender/guard

Get a smarter paint job – try it out now and save on time and materials – TAPESMART with DUO Masking Tape from JTAPE.

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Getting a perfect finish on every paint job is important which means using the best quality masking products every time. Visit our online store to see our full range or contact your local distributor to find out more about the JTAPE range.

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