JTAPE Launches New Tacky Booth Protection Film for Protecting Spray Booth Surfaces

At JTAPE, our team are continuously working hard behind the scenes to design and manufacture effective tape and film solutions tailored to solving common issues faced within the automotive industry.

We’re proud to announce the launch of our latest film product, JTAPE Tacky Booth Protection Film, which was added to our growing repertoire in March 2024. The new film is ideal for covering and protecting spray booth surfaces and consists of a removable non-stretch polyester adhesive surface. It can be easily applied to clean surfaces within a spray booth using the free application spreader offered with each purchase. Users simply apply the product to the spray booth walls, and remove the unique double-sided liner to expose the adhesive which is highly effective at capturing any dirt, dust and overspray produced over time. This helps automotive professionals maintain high cleanliness standards in the spray booth. We’ve also ensured that, as with all our other tape and film products, the removal process is quick and simple, and users will find no leftover residue.

Tacky Booth Protection Film solves common issues within spray booths such as overspray, dirt and dust that can affect the finish quality of a re-spray job. It has also been designed to reduce static electricity in the spray booth environment which eliminates paint inconsistencies, patchiness and mismatched blending.

Chris Jevons, Commercial Director at JTAPE, says, “The Tacky Booth Protection Film offers the ideal solution for automotive refinishing professionals who struggle with issues such as dirt, dust and overspray in spray booths.”

He adds, “Everything we do here at JTAPE is about saving time and driving efficiency within people’s businesses. This product allows for minimal spray booth downtime in comparison to alternative booth protection methods, and the quick application means that people can get back to their business sooner.”

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