JTAPE’s Blending Tape Gives You the Edge

Since we introduced our No Edge Blending Tape it has become one of our most popular products and is used in body shops around the world to help achieve the perfect finish on paint jobs.

No Edge Blending Tape is an innovative product that has been specially designed to mask swage lines quickly and efficiently on car bodies to allow completely seamless blends between new and old paintwork.

JTape Tape

Avoid Hard Paint Edges

Achieving consistency is one of the most important parts of paintwork and ensuring clean edges on spray work is essential.  With JTAPE No Edge Blending Tape, you are able to avoid hard paint edges which means that the new paintwork precisely matches the existing paint meaning that you can achieve a great result more quickly.

No Edge Blending Tape is non-stretch and comes in a single size which means that you can achieve an identical finish on every job.  The tape confirms well to highly contoured surfaces and the strong adhesive prevents bleeding that could undermine the quality of your finish.

We offer a choice of lengths from 5m up to 25m rolls, so you can mask off areas of different sizes depending on the specifics of the job.  Using a single piece of tape rather than multiple sections means cleaner lines and better results.

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Visit our online store to buy No Edge Blending Tape online and read technical specifications.  Alternatively, click here to find your local distributor.

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