Press Release: JTAPE Awarded the Global Media Award for Innovation at SEMA 2023

JTAPE Awarded the Global Media Award for Innovation at SEMA 2023

After another successful year of trading and hitting a significant 20-year milestone, JTAPE is also proud to have received the Global Media Award for innovation at the SEMA show in Las Vegas in late 2023.

The annual automotive product showcase took place in November with over 2,000 exhibitors from the US and international markets present. After being nominated, JTAPE received the award for Perforated+ Trim Lifting Tape, which is specially formulated to fit around all parts of a vehicle. This tape is specially formulated to offer a high-grab adhesive which offers a strong and durable hold when applied to a vehicle. Other innovative features added for ease of use include a thick plastic edge for increased leverage, perforated sections designed for easy tearing, flexibility for application around contours and tight corners and an easy lifting tab which allows for easy and damage-free tape removal.

The Global Media Awards Program aims to congratulate businesses for creating new, innovative products within the automotive industry and the award is voted for by high-profile journalists from around the world. As automotive tape manufacturers aiming to provide cutting-edge products that help professionals in the industry complete jobs to a higher standard, receiving this award ended the previous year on a high. The JTAPE team have now jumped back into the new year with a renewed spark for creating excellent masking products that solve common customer and user issues.

Chris Jevons, JTAPE’s Commercial Director, says: “We’re honoured that our Perforated+ Trim Lifting Tape has been selected as the recipient of the Global Media Award for Innovation. This recognition is a testament to our longstanding commitment to innovation and excellence within automotive masking.” He also adds: “Receiving this international recognition from such a reputable product show proves that we’re succeeding in our mission to bring high-quality masking products to the market.”

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