What is Precision Tape?

If you ask almost anyone who paints vehicles for a living what they like most about their work, they’ll tell you that it’s the satisfaction they can take from achieving a perfect finish and delivering a beautiful job for their customers.  When you ask them what makes the difference between good and great, it all comes down to precision.  The ability to create sharply defined edges, and meticulous clean lines.  Whether the aim is a full respray intended to make an older vehicle as good as new, or a custom paint job, using the right equipment means everything.  Precision masking tape helps achieve a great result because it protects the underlying surface and adheres closely meaning that there’s no bleeding.

Precision masking tapes are about getting an accurate finish.  JTAPE’s distinctive orange precision fine line masking tapes are instantly recognisable and trusted when professionals are working on a project where nothing less than perfection will do.  The orange colour isn’t just for decoration though, it maximises visibility when cutting out custom designs and can be easily seen through the first layers of paint to ensure that the desired finish is achieved.

Precision Masking Tapes in Use

Precision tape typically has a medium tack adhesive that makes achieving both straight lines and curved designs easier.  It is flexible enough to be used to protect areas around intricate designs, and the use of acrylic, waterproof adhesives mean that the tapes will remain flat in place to prevent paint bleeding and ensuring a clean, razor-sharp edge.

Our precision masking tapes are highly versatile.  They are ideal for use on a variety of surfaces, including plastic for trims, and rubber for wheels, as well as glass and metal.  Additionally, there is no need to worry about removing residue after use.  Precision masking tape is as easy to remove as it is to apply.

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Image of yellow precision tape


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