Aluminium Tape

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JTAPE Aluminium Tape is the ideal combination of an aluminium backing and synthetic rubber adhesive which is optimized for the demands of bonding insulating material. This guarantees the best adhesion and highest security for critical conditions.

Aluminium Tape is resistant against heat, cold, and humidity up to -35°C/-31°F + 120°C/248°C and will not decrease in size with advanced age.

This product is perfect for the bonding of aluminium laminated mineral fibre insulation, pipes, air ducts, for isolating against heat and cold, and for the sealing of containers.

Aluminium Tape protects and repairs in extreme condition

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Aluminium Repair Tape
Features Benefits
Synthetic rubber adhesive Adheres to multiple substrates
High and low temperature resistant Resistant against heat, cold and humidity up to -35°C/-31°F + 120°C/248°C
Water vapour resistant Protects against exposure to water vapour
Reflective Ideal for the reflection of heat and light
Easy Release Silicone Paper Liner Convenient application
Pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive Easy release liner for clean residue-free removal
Excellent shelf life and durability Perfect for long term outdoor use, even in harsh environments

Protective Aluminium Tape

Our high-quality aluminium tape is ideal in situations where you need to protect sensitive surfaces such as plastics and rubber against heat, moisture, and chemicals.  Manufactured using 30-micron foil and a synthetic rubber adhesive, the foil tape is durable and suitable for use in extreme conditions.

Aluminium foil tape provides a reflective layer on sensitive and delicate surfaces, protecting them from high-temperatures, ultraviolet and infrared light, as well as moisture and certain chemicals.  The synthetic rubber adhesive backing is non-reactive, so you can apply it to any surface.


Aluminium tape is heat resistant to 120C/248F, meaning that it is suitable for protecting surfaces against radiant heat sources.

You can use aluminium tape for a variety of purposes where heat or moisture protection is important, including sealing air conditioning ducts, jointing insulation panels, and creating a vapour proof barrier in ducts.  Aluminium tape is flame retardant and is effective at temperatures between -35c and 120c, meaning that it is ideal for indoor or outdoor use on almost any surface including guttering.

The tape is simple to use.  Simply cut to size and apply to the area which needs protection, sealing, or jointing.  The synthetic adhesive bonds the tape immediately with an adhesion of 6.5N/cm on steel, so your repair or protective layer is usable straight away.

For convenience and to protect the metal surface prior to use, the tape has a silicone paper release liner making it easy to cut the tape to size prior to application.

Find Out More

We supply 48mm aluminium foil tape in rolls of 45m.  For full specifications, please download our product information guide below.  You can buy Aluminium tape online through the JTAPE store or visit your local stockist.


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Aluminium Tape


Aluminium Tape is an aluminium foil based tape coated with a synthetic rubber adhesive system, with a silicone paper release liner. It has several applications where sensitive surfaces require protection.

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Aluminium Tape

Aluminium Tape is an aluminium foil based tape coated with a synthetic rubber adhesive system, with a silicone paper release liner. It has several applications where sensitive surfaces require protection.

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