Aerospace Tapes

The aerospace industry presents a number of very specific challenges, and it is essential to have the correct materials and equipment to meet requirements.  Along with Aerospace Masking Tapes that combine the high performance you expect from JTAPE products with the ability to work well on larger surfaces, in challenging environments, and on a range of materials without damaging them, we also offer a range of high-performance mounting tapes that are designed to provide permanent fixing that is resistant to heat and motion.

We manufacture and supply a range of high-performance aerospace tapes that comply with materials regulations, offer excellent levels of adhesion on complex curved surfaces, and on different materials, and deliver exceptional results.

We provide a range of aerospace masking tapes that are manufactured to the highest standards to give you confidence on any aircraft job and provide excellent protection during all kinds of painting jobs from large resprays through to fine detail work.

Key Uses of Aerospace Tapes

Aerospace Masking Tape

Surface protection during work on aircraft painting work can involve large areas and complex surfaces, not to mention a variety of materials with different surface characteristics and adhesion challenges.  Our aerospace masking tapes are ideally suited to use during all types of respray work and help you get a perfect finish on even the most challenging job.  Whether you need a fine tape to mask precisely or need to prevent overspray when working on larger areas, we have the right product for your needs.

Other Aerospace Tapes

Professionals choose our aerospace tapes when they want to achieve the best possible results.  Our range includes high performance acrylic tapes that provide a permanent bond on a range of substrates as well as cloth tapes that are hard wearing in use.

Get Help Choosing the Right Masking Tape

At JTAPE we have a comprehensive range of aerospace tape products available, and our team are here to provide you with advice and support when choosing products to ensure that you get the right product for your needs.

High Performance Masking Tape

High Performance 110°C Masking Tape is a performance crepe tape for masking off areas when spraying.

Precision Masking Tape

The flexible, water-proof, advanced acrylic adhesive will adhere to surfaces that standard masking tape would otherwise not.

Fine Line Masking Tape

Suited to precise work where a clean finish is required and available in a variety of widths to suit your usage.

Find Out More

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