What is Precision Tape?

Professionals who paint vehicles for a living take immense pride in a beautiful job. Ask any of them about the key to success and the word ‘precision’ won’t be far from their lips. For automotive work fine lines, sharply defined edges and meticulous detail are crucial, whether the aim is a ‘good as new’ respray finish or a spectacular customisation job.

That level of accuracy is what precision masking tapes are created to deliver, making it ideal for automotive work when nothing less than perfection will do. This is why the most popular tapes, such as JTAPE 2-in-1 Fine Line and Masking tape, are often simply referred to as precision tape. The JTAPE product is instantly recognisable in garages and body shops, thanks to its distinctive orange colour.

Translucency is another important quality in precision tapes, because maximum visibility is critical when cutting out when painting custom designs.

Ultra-flexible to apply, precision tape typically has a medium-tack adhesive that is perfect for the straightest straight lines, and easy to use when preparing to create intricate designs and complex curves. Water based acrylic adhesives are waterproof and made to ensure that the tape lies down flat and prevents paint bleeding, assuring professionals of clean, razor sharp edges.

This delivers versatility too – precision tape is also ideal for masking plastics, trims, rubbers and wheels. Equally importantly, it is as easy to remove as it is to apply. There’s no need to worry about removing residue afterwards.

Precision Tape

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