What is an Alloy Wheel Repair Mask?

Ask anyone who works in automobile paint shops and they’ll tell you that painting alloy wheels is one of their most challenging tasks. And protecting the tyres is the fiddliest aspect of the job. They have to waste valuable time either removing the tyres, or painstakingly taping them up.

The industry was crying out for a specialist solution, and JTAPE Wheel Repair and Re-spraying Mask is precisely that. Each mask consists of a treated, paint-absorbent 20 micron MDPE film, designed to completely cover the deflated tyre and fit under the wheel rim.

The masks fit any size of alloy wheel, because the ingenious elastic centre piece can expand up to a 26 inch diameter.

When correctly fitted and taped down, the alloy wheel repair masks create a tight seal, providing optimum protection for the tyre throughout the painting process. The mask is temperature resistant too, so there’s no problem using it during low bake cycles.

Wheel Repair Mask

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