8 Advantages of Cloth Tape

Cloth-backed tape is typically constructed using linen, polyester or cotton. In the automotive industry, the primary use of this tape is protecting surfaces when using abrasives, although some automotive professionals might also use it for temporary repairs and seals. But if you’re yet to add this highly versatile tape to your body shop toolkit, we’re here to convince you why it’s worth the investment.

Benefits of cloth tape

So, what are the major benefits of using cloth tape and which situations is it best for? From its durability to the wide range of possible uses, below you can find eight of the main advantages.

High strength & durable

The first major benefit of cloth tape is that it offers high strength and durability. This means that the adhesive can remain strong and stable in a variety of different conditions. Therefore, cloth tapes can be ideal for use in all conditions, including indoor and outdoor applications. However, the main benefit of its strength and durability is that it can be used in the automotive industry to protect surfaces during sanding without any fear that there will be any damage under the tape after removal.

Heat resistance

Cloth tapes also benefit from good short-term heat resistance, which means they can be used at high temperatures without lifting or losing their effectiveness. The adhesive can be trusted to remain intact when used in low-bake ovens for up to an hour. Cloth tapes also offer longer-term heat resistance up to around 40°C/104°F.

JTAPE black cloth tape

Water resistance

Water resistance is another advantage of cloth tape which makes it particularly useful for outdoor applications. Many of these types of tapes can be waterproof, which is why they’re commonly used for temporary sealing or repairs. Whether they’re hit with rain or snow, they can hold up well wherever they’ve been applied.


Cloth tapes have non-conductive properties, which means they’re safe to use on and around electrical wires. As a result, they can be used to hold cables down securely, or they can be used to wrap cables and wires for easy storage.

Does not leave any residue

The removal process is simple and doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind. So, when it’s time to remove the tape, all you need to do is gently pull it away from the surface to achieve a clean finish. This eliminates any need for additional cleaning or reworking after the tape is removed. This residue-free removal makes it popular for all kinds of applications, whether they’re permanent or temporary.

Resistant to abrasives

JTAPE White Premium Cloth Protection Tape

Cloth tapes offer excellent resistance to all kinds of abrasives, which makes them perfect for masking off the exterior of vehicles when sanding. Whether you’re removing paint or preparing the surface for SMART repairs, this type of tape can easily protect the surface underneath.

Wide range of uses

The uses for cloth tape are seemingly never-ending. Regardless of whether you’re applying it to the interior or exterior of a car, or you’re using it to secure cables and wires, cloth tape can be an efficient solution for all kinds of situations thanks to its versatility. Its uses also extend to other sectors, including marine, industrial, construction and DIY.

Easy to apply

The application process for cloth tapes couldn’t be easier. Not only does the cloth construction make it easy to tear, but it also provides excellent flexibility and conformability. As a result, you can apply it to smooth or uneven surfaces without lifting. It can also be seamlessly applied in gaps and difficult-to-reach crevices.

JTAPE cloth tapes

At JTAPE, we offer an excellent range of coloured cloth tapes. Our Premium Cloth Protection Tape comes in five different colour variations; black, silver, red, white, and blue. The different colours can be chosen to help with visibility against different surfaces. We also offer a General Purpose Cloth Protection Tape. Each of these has a cloth base providing strength and structure which is then poly-coated to provide a water and heat-resistant protective layer. A final pressure-based adhesive layer is added to all our cloth tapes to ensure they provide excellent adhesion that doesn’t leave stubborn residue behind when removed.

In need of automotive tapes for all different purposes? The JTAPE product range has it all, from protection films to masking tapes. To discover our full product selection, head to our website.

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