What is Cloth Tape?

Similar to traditional gaffer tape and duct tape, cloth tape is a heavy-duty protective tape with a laminated or poly-coated cloth backing.  Cloth tape has a wide variety of uses across protection, maintenance, and emergency repair work, and is a useful part of any tool kit.

What is Cloth Tape for?

As the alternate name “duct tape” might suggest, this type of tape was originally developed for use as a joint sealer in ducts and air conditioning systems and as a result of that development, it has a high heat resistance and high levels of adhesion in order to stay in place and prevent leakages under quite harsh conditions where the adhesion on other tapes may degrade.

How and when is Cloth Tape used?

Cloth tape is almost universally useful.  Whether you are taping down cables, fixing a loose item in place, or need a temporary seal on some pipework, cloth tape can be used.  The resilience and flexibility of the tape also means it is useful for edge protection and is commonly used in the automotive industry when sanding.  Weatherproof cloth tapes are widely used in the marine and aerospace sectors when a temporary repair is needed.

What is Cloth Tape made from?

Typically, cloth tape is made of three components.

A cloth base provides the strength and structure of the tape, but also allows it to be cleanly cut as required.  This cloth base is poly-coated to provide a protective layer that is water and heat resistant.  Finally, a pressure based adhesive layer on the tape gives it a high level of adhesive power but does not leave a residue in place when removed.  This lack of residue is a particular benefit in paint and body shops, where professionals can move straight on from sanding to painting, without hold ups caused by the need to clean deposits from the surface.

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Cloth Tape

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