Press Release: Gillian Allan Joins the JTAPE UK Sales Team

JTAPE is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Gillian Allan as she takes on the role of Regional Sales Manager for the business. Gillian is now overseeing the sales-to-distribution pipeline for JTAPE within Great Britain (North) & Northern Ireland.

Coming to JTAPE with over 7 years of experience in the automotive industry after managing the Scottish branch at the Morelli Group and transitioning into sales as a Key Account Manager, Gillian has built up an impressive range of valuable skills. With a strong work ethic and a wealth of expertise in automotive tapes, this next career move to Regional Sales Manager at JTAPE is the ideal fit.

Alongside being committed to levelling up the team, JTAPE is continuously committed to empowering women to close the gender gap that exists within the automotive industry. As a business, we’re proud to offer equal opportunities for everyone to expand their understanding of automotive tapes and the roles associated.

Gillian commented on her experience as a woman in the automotive industry, saying, “My employers, customers or distributors have always embraced the skills and experience that I’ve brought to each of my roles. The automotive industry has previously been seen as male-dominated but having worked within this sector for many years now, I’ve found that women are very well-received and successful when they’re given the opportunity. I think if you trust and believe in what you are selling, it gives the customer the confidence to make a purchase, regardless of who you are.”

On her time since joining the JTAPE team, she added, “I have an excellent support network from within the head office team and my external sales colleagues here at JTAPE. This gives me the confidence to carry out my role backed by their ongoing support and enthusiasm.”

Chris Jevons, JTAPE’s Commercial Director commented on the recent hiring of Gillian Allan, “Gillian is an excellent addition to our growing team here at JTAPE and we’re excited to see her flourish as she continues to inject her expertise and experience into everything she does. We’re an equal opportunities employer and couldn’t be happier to bring new faces to the business who can improve our operations.”

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