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JTAPE Primeshield is the smart solution for masking any gaps that require priming and in particular high-build priming. This padded white foam tape can be applied in seconds and prevents overspray from seeping inside a vehicle, leaving the user with a soft, feathered finish. Primeshield is estimated to be up to 20 times faster to prepare for spraying.

It couldn’t be simpler; the figure of eight shaped foam strip is applied to the gap via the smaller sized section – making it easy for precise finger-tip adjustment, even where extra primer is required to cover bare metal and filler patches. Primeshield is removed while the primer is still soft to give a soft feathered finish without any need for sanding hard edges.

The smartest solution for priming: a higher quality finish, saving time and at a lower cost – adhesive-less technology available in two sizes for all vehicle types.

Best for:

  • A, B & C Posts
  • Bonnet / Hood
  • Boot / Trunk

Sizes available:

  • 15mm wide x 35m (1015.1535)
  • 22mm wide x 25m (1015.2225)
Features Benefits
Fast & efficient aperture masking Dramatically reduces process time
Seals & protects inside of vehicle No unwanted primer overspray
Precise fingertip adjustment Even primer application
No primer build-up on panel edges Prevents unnecessary rework and leaves a feathered finish

How to Use

Step 1: Apply the white foam tape to the gap smaller side first. Locate the tape in the gap so that it sits in the central groove, leaving the larger section of tape extended. For larger gaps, use our 22mm option for better coverage.

Step 2: Secure the padded foam tape at the top and bottom with an additional piece of masking tape such as our 80°C Premium Masking Tape.

Step 3: Adjust back around bare metal and filler areas to ensure maximum coverage.

Step 4: Apply primer to the desired areas.

Step 5: Remove Primeshield while the primer is still soft before beginning the new colour application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Primeshield offers fast and efficient aperture masking thanks to the figure-of-eight design that can be adjusted with just your fingertips. It prevents the need for reworking due to excess primer build-up on panel edges that often occurs when using other non-specialist masking solutions for primer application. Instead, paint professionals can spend more time perfecting their painting techniques and achieving a high-quality finish.

Using Primeshield will leave you with a soft, feathered-edge finish without primer build-up on the panel edges. Upon removal, you’ll be left with an ideal base ready for base coat applications.

This tape can be applied to various surface types, including metals, plastics, rubbers, trims and wheels, offering excellent versatility.

We recommend storing Primeshield at 22°C (72°F) and 50% relative humidity to get the maximum shelf life of 12 months from this padded foam tape.


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Primeshield is the smart solution for masking gaps that require priming. Applied in seconds it prevents overspray getting inside a vehicle and provides a soft feathered finish.

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Primeshield is the smart solution for masking gaps that require priming. Applied in seconds it prevents overspray getting inside a vehicle and provides a soft feathered finish.

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