The efficient way to mask vehicles for priming.

A fast and efficient way to mask door apertures and other vehicle gaps making previously unmaskable gaps simple and easy to protect.

Why spend 10 minutes or more masking a door gap when it can be done in seconds using Primeshield. The door, bonnet and boot or hood and trunk if you prefer stay closed ensuring, together with the Primeshield, the primer stays outside and keeps the interior free from overspray. Removing the primer while it is still wet will mean finishing with a soft feathered edge that the paint will easily cover removing that concern of the primer showing after painting. Also no need for a long drawn out removal of masking tape covered in primer.

Product Options

1015.1535 15mm X 35m
1015.2225 22mm X 25m

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Where / How to use:
  1. Apply the product into the vehicle gap whilst the door is closed.
  2. Place the foam into the gap leaving the top half proud – sitting on the panel edge.
  3. Prime as per normal.

  • Dramatically reduces process times
  • Seals and protects from overspray
  • Precise fingertip adjustment
  • Easy to apply (self locating)
  • No primer build up on panel edges
  • Reduces material use
  • Available in two sizes