Paper Masking Tapes

JTAPE offer a wide range of paper masking tapes to suit a variety of roles from automotive through to decorating, with specialist products available to suit your needs.  We have more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturing and distributing products across all sectors and offer innovative, high-quality solutions that are designed to offer the best possible performance.

Choosing the Right Paper Masking Tape

At JTAPE we understand that getting the perfect finish is critical, and our paper masking tapes offer you the best possible means of achieving it.  From traditional easy tear crepe tapes that combine high tack with no residue through to dual material products that can adhere to multiple services, you can find a product suited to the job and environment where you need to work.

When you choose JTAPE Paper Masking Tape, you benefit from the highest quality of materials and precision manufacturing that help to ensure that you achieve the best possible result first time with no bleeding or overspray that would otherwise complicate the job.

Designed for Industry

We offer a range of tapes which have been specifically designed to perform consistently in automotive, aerospace, home, and marine applications.

Choosing the correct paper masking tape for your application is critical, and our helpful staff are available to provide you with advice and support to help you with finding the right product for your needs.  Our tapes are designed to work at a variety of temperatures and adhere to multiple surfaces where traditional tapes might not.

Within our range, you will find tapes which are suited to use in a wide range of temperature settings from 80C to 130C and come in a choice of widths up to 48mm to cover larger areas effectively.  We provide tapes in multiple colourways to assist in providing contrast and clearly demarking the working areas throughout the painting process.

In addition to standard paper masking tapes, we also offer dual material products featuring plastic edges that can be tucked into tight gaps to provide a better edge and help avoid paint ingress behind rubber door seals.

Find Out More

For more information about our paper masking tape range including mounting tape including sizes and specification, please download our latest brochure or speak to one of our team who will be able to provide advice about use.

Our range of masking products is available to buy online direct from JTAPE, or from your local distributor.