What is Cloth Tape?

Similar to traditional gaffer tape and duct tape, cloth tape is a heavy duty protective tape with a laminated or polycoated cloth backing.

This type of tape was originally developed for sealing joints in the ducts of heating and air conditioning systems, so cloth tape has the resilience and high adhesion it takes to provide reliable protection when conditions get truly tough.

That’s why one of cloth tape’s main applications in the automotive market is edge protection during abrasive processes – whether hand sanding, machine sanding or sand blasting. It also used as a general purpose tape across the marine, aerospace and domestic markets.

Above all, despite its strength and adhesive power, cloth tape provides clean and problem-free removal once the job is finished. No adhesive residue is left behind, so body shop and garage professionals can move straight on from sanding to painting, without hold ups caused by the need to clean deposits from the surface.


Cloth Tape

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