What is Customising Tape?

The art of customising cars, trucks and bikes often involves working with filligree curved lines, elaborate designs and intricate patterns.

A great customiser needs to be true artist with a unique set of skills. But they also need to work with the appropriate equipment, and the right fine line masking tape is a key part of a customiser’s tool kit.

Customising Tape is a specialist protective striping tape that complements the artistry of paint shop professionals with greater flexibility than conventional products.

The product development team understood that customisers need an ultra-precise masking solution that makes it possible to produce impeccable results with sharply defined edges – while working at speed and using paint efficiently.

The tape was developed to have a thermally stabilised PVC backing and a rubber based pressure adhesive. That keeps it firmly in place during painting, but of course it’s equally important that the tape peels easily away when the job’s done, leaving not a trace of residue. It’s a resilient and practical solution too, able to survive temperatures as high as 132°C/270°F for up to 30 minutes.

Customising Tape

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