What is Automotive Masking Tape?

Stopping paint going where it shouldn’t go. That’s the job of masking tape. Most people know it because painters, decorators and DIYers use it. But not everyone knows that there are other, highly specialised types of masking tape used by automotive paint shops.

Why does automotive masking tape need to be different from the stuff you stick around your window frames and skirting boards? Because cars, vans, trucks and motorbikes are made from materials that the average home or office decorator rarely encounters.

Varied metals and plastics are often found in close proximity on cars, vans, trucks and bikes. Modern automobile design also features complex and challenging contours.

That’s why the people who work in automotive paint and customising shops require a unique set of skills, and have their own kind of artistry. Whatever the job, from simple bodywork repairs to a complete respray, they need to work fast, use paint economically and deliver a flawless finish with even coverage and razor sharp edges.

Automotive masking tapes have the flexibility to follow curves and contours, plus the right blend of strong adhesion and clean, residue-free removal. This is crucial, because speed, precision and preparation are the keys to success. Removing bits of left-behind tape is a time-consuming chore a busy garage simply can’t afford.


Automotive Masking Tapes

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