A Day with Lechler Coatings – Helmet Painting and Detailing

Creating the right look for your motorbike helmet can be just as important as the bike you ride or the gear you wear so the team from JTAPE spent the day with professional helmet sprayers and hobbyists at Lechler Coatings to see them using a range of our products and also advise on better usage during the spraying process.

Customisation with JTAPE

Whether you’re working on cars, vans, trucks or motorcycles, when it comes to customising, the aim of the game is precision and creativity. To get the right look it’s important to understand that preparation is the key not just going for it with the paint.

Personalisation has been around in the motorcycle world from the beginning of time. From custom motorcycles to helmets and clothing, riders want something unique that reflects their personal style.

Phillip Dranfield, from Paint Nation, one of the UK’s leading helmet detailers opened the day with a demo for everyone who attended on how to use the right tape for the best look when respraying. Take a look at one of his last demos here:

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The right tape for the right job

In the video, you’ll see what a sweet custom paint job Philliip did with JTAPE tapes. You might also notice our customising tape, striping tape, green fine line masking tape and premium masking tape in action, being put to amazing design use as well as covering the air vents and face shield.

When working on projects like this, we know that precision is key. That’s why JTAPE offers a range of multifunctional tapes to help achieve the finished look.

Our customising tape uses a thermally stabilised PVC backing with a rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive. This makes it highly flexible, easy to curve and gives it the perfect balance between hold and clean removal with a sharp separation line. It has eight pre-cut fine line lengths for a range of patterns and is ideal for creating a multi-coloured finish with a clean, sharp look where colours meet.

The striping tape does what it says on the tin. If you’re creating pinstripes or a design with fine lines, you’ll need this tape for definition. It’s also great for enhancing the curves on bodywork and creating more intricate designs.

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