Door Skin Replacement Foam

Door Skin Replacement Foam


A replacement foam for the inner door skin membrane. Continuous roll.
Dispensing pack.

An easy way to replace inner door skin membrane. A single length which can be cut to size. Grid printed release liner enables difficult shapes to be cut-out easily. Dispensing box makes it simple and easy to use.

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2204.6010 600mm X 10m

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Where / How to use:
    1. Pull out enough material out of the dispensing box. Lay on a flat surface with the paper grid side face up. If possible lay the old door skin film over the top.


    1. Trace around the old skin with a marker. If no door skin film is available, place the skin against the door and trace around whilst on the car door itself.


    1. Remove the old liner and you should be left with a guideline to the desired shape.


    1. Cut the film following the trace lines.


    1. Once you have finished cutting the shape out, you are now ready to fit to the car. Peel off the release liner to expose the adhesive. Position this on the door taking care to ensure it is in the correct position. Press it firmly in place.


  1. Replace the inner door panel and fix all the interior parts back onto the car.
  • Easy to fit and use
  • Sound deadening properties reduce road noise
  • Easy cut with grid printed release liner