Flat Orange Masking Tape

Precision Tape

2-in-1 fine line and masking tape. Lays down flat. Flexible, water-proof acrylic adhesive that prevents paint bleeding.

Product Options

1125.01550.custom1.5mm X 50m
1125.0350.custom3mm X 50m
1125.0650.custom6mm X 50m
1125.1250.custom12mm X 50m
1125.1850.custom18mm X 50m
1125.2450.custom24mm X 50m
1125.3650.custom36mm X 50m
1125.4850.custom48mm X 50m

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Where / How to use:

Perfect for straight lines and curves.

  • Can be used as a Fine Line Tape
  • Transparent for full visibility of custom work
  • Can withstand high temperatures
  • Easily removed with no residue
  • Crisp, thin paint lines – no paint bleed