Fine Line Tape FAQ


1. What is Fine Line Tape used for?

Fine line masking tape is ideally suited to more complex or intricate customisation jobs where you need control over the shape of the area that you are masking.  A variety of tape widths are available which conform well to curved surfaces, which is useful when marking out a design that needs a complex outline – such as a paintjob on a helmet.  Fine line masking tapes are often used for pinstriping.


2. What is the thinnest Masking Tape?

JTAPE offer masking tapes in a range of different widths to give you a wide choice of products suited for all aspects of customisation.

Rolls of 55m in length are available in the following thicknesses:

  • 1mm
  • 5mm
  • 2mm
  • 3mm
  • 6mm
  • 9mm
  • 12mm
  • 15mm
  • 19mm
  • 25mm


3. What material is Fine Line Tape made of?

JTAPE offer a range of different masking tapes. Blue, Green and Olive Fine Line masking tapes are manufactured from PVC with a pressure sensitive rubber adhesive which is heat resistant to withstand up to 150oC for 45 minutes. Olive Fine Line Tape is manufactured from polypropylene and uses a pressure sensitive polyurethane adhesive which is heat resistant to 120oC for 1 hour.


4. How do you keep paint from bleeding under masking tape?

A high-quality pressure sensitive adhesive helps to ensure that there are no gaps along the edge of your masking tape, but the key to ensuring that paint does not bleed under any type of masking tape is to carefully apply the tape to a clean and smooth surface that has been fully prepared ready for painting.

Before you start painting, you should inspect the full length of the taped area and remove any creases or bubbles that might cause an uneven edge and allow paint to seep under the tape.


5. What kind of tape do you use for pinstriping?

Fine Line Tape can be applied in two lines along the length of the area where you want to add a pinstripe. The tape conforms well to curved surfaces making it easier to get an accurate and consistent line. JTAPE also offer a specially designed Striping Tape, which has a removable pre-cut section along its length making it ideally suited for pinstriping jobs


6. What is Fine Line Tape?

Fine Line Masking Tape is tape that is used when a clean edge is required such as in pinstriping or customising work. Fine Line Tape allows you to create very precise lines for intricate designs. The tape comes in a range of different widths and uses a pressure sensitive adhesive that conforms tightly to the surface being painted to ensure clean edges are achieved.


7. How do you cut Fine Line Tape?

Fine Line Tape is often used for controlling paint application in complex designs, where it is important to be as accurate as possible, and to achieve the cleanest edges between different painted areas. To achieve a consistent edge, it is important to apply the tape carefully. Attempting to tear a Fine Line Tape will cause the material to stretch and lose both shape and adhesion. Instead, you should use a sharp knife or razor blade when cutting to length. This will prevent the tape bunching up or stretching when you are applying it.


8. What’s the difference between Striping Tape and Fine Line Masking Tape?

JTAPE offer a variety of different tapes suitable for intricate customising paint jobs.  Our Striping Tape is a specially designed tape which is pre-cut to allow you to paint a clean line with a consistent width.  Striping Tape can be applied to a surface before the pre-cut central section is removed.  Fine Line tapes offer a wider range of applications from pinstriping to masking off complex areas.


9. Can Fine Line Masking tape be used on different surfaces?

JTAPE’s range of Fine Line Masking Tapes are flexible and use a pressure sensitive adhesive that allows them to be used on a variety of surfaces.  The tapes are conformable to complex curved surfaces, but you should avoid using them on rougher surfaces, as a very uneven surface may allow paint to bleed under the tape and undermine the clean design you are trying to achieve.


10. What are different colours of Fine Line Masking Tape for?

Using different colours of Fine Line Masking Tape during a paint job can make it easier to mark out the various stages of work and help you achieve better results.  Different colours may also show up more clearly through layers of paint which helps to get a more consistent finish.  JTAPE offer 4 different Fine Line Masking Tape colours.  Blue, Green, and Orange tapes are heat resistant to 150oC for up to 45 minutes, while Olive Fine Line Masking Tape is heat resistant to 120oC for up to an hour and meets Military Specification T-215955D Type III.

For more information about our range of fine line masking tapes, please contact a member of our team, or visit our online store to see our products.